The medicine Flaraxin for Cancer Curement
 (License of the Ukrainian Ministry of Health Seria АБ №299302)


  FLARAXIN is a preparation of vegetarian origin, a non-toxic anti-tumoral phytopreparation, interferonogene, stimulating tumoral necrosis factor,destroys tumoral tissue. Immunomodulator and antioxidant. Prevents metastatic spreading and relapse.
Medical Practices: Therapy, oncology, physiotherapy, traditional and alternative medicine, general practice - family medicine. We perform a comprehensive diagnostics and treatment of cancer, tumors at any stage, virological diseases and able to restore the immunity using FLARAXIN and a number of herbal medicines. The application of our medicines is compatible with chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Treatment may be done out-patient.
The history of Flaraxin: According to the data of the preparation clinical trial it was established that “Flaraxin” is a remedy of vegetable origin, active components of which are vegetable polyphenoles. During the trial it was found out that “Flaraxin” has the ability to stimulate the secretion of endogenic interferon and the neoplasm necrosis factor, promotes immunologic background normalization and smoothes out the correlation of immunocomponent cells CD4/CD8 (helpers-suppressors) and increases the number of natural killers (NKcells).
During the immune-biochemical trial the ability of “Flaraxin” to connect with oncophetal proteins, causing their micro-denaturation damages was established. Cancerostatic effect was explicated by “Flaraxin” influence on metabolism of neoplasm cells, causing their death.
Clinical trial of the preparation “Flaraxin” was carried out on the basis of oncology department of Kiev medical institute in the period from September 1990 to January 1991 and in Kiev Oncology SRI under oncologic process in the stage of neglect desolation in patients with melanoblastoma in the period from December 1992 to October 1993
Information about Stccc Phoenix: STCCC Phoenix founded in 1996 to coordinate research work on a comprehensive study of a new anticancer drugs of plant origin -FLARAXIN (historical background), which was developed in the Kiev Research Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology by the surgical oncologists Kulik Ivan Anisimovich.
STCCC Phoenix developed and clinically tested a number of biologically active preparations of plant origin. For the first time, has been used a unique technology of plant concentrates, allowing several times to increase the biological activity of number natural substances.
As a result of comprehensive research has developed a number of medical treatments for cancer patients by the FLARAXIN together with a number of biologically active preparations.
The practice of their application showed the effectiveness of their impact on a number of infectious, virus, somatic and cancer diseases.
For early detection of cancer, as well as possible recurrence introduced the latest techniques of early detection.
The method of professor Shahbazov predicts the impact of a drug to identify pathology.
Now medications of STCCC "Phoenix" are used, as in oncology clinics, and medical centers of Ukraineand Russia.
Priorities of the center: Optimization of the existing methods of treatment for cancer patients combining the use of surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy and FLARAXIN in various combinations.
Application of our medications for the profilactics and prevention of recidivation, after medical investigation and ascertainment of diathesis to tumors.
The prevention and elimination of possible recurrence of the disease.
Consultation of the patients about non-toxic treatment of tumors.
Provide scientific and technical assistance to a wide range of health professionals on the practical application of biologically active drugs in the treatment of infectious parasitic disease, somatic and cancerpathology.
The research, development and clinical testing of new drugs of vegetable origin derived from the vacuum-condensing and drying technology.
Stccc Phoenix is looking for doctors and medical centers around the world to work together, to bring cancer into absolute remission. Interested? You can contact us: stccc.phoenix.ua@gmail.com
Our adress: Svobody sq. 7, office 378, 61022-Kharkiv, Ukraine     
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 The medicine Flaraxin for Cancer Curement