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In 2012, I began conducting graduate research on internet sites promoting alleged natural cures and treatments for a wide-variety of cancers. My research was inspired after a family member had her treatments delayed due to the promise of a natural approach to her cancer. At the outset of my research, I was overwhelmed and shocked at the number of sites claiming to work cancer miracles through a "safe and natural" method or product. As I delved into actual components of these treatments (if they were listed), I noticed that most of these chemicals were already tested and discovered NOT to be viable treatments. I wondered,"How can I fix this?"

I hope to complete my research delving deeper and investigating the harm that these sites cause to the public. I need your support to pursue my PhD in Health Science Education with Trident University. Your donation will pay me through University and help me in financing the research I need to uncover those that would do us harm through bad science and empty promises. Enough is enough!!

                                                   - Reginald V. Finley Sr

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