Products that don't work

These are the most common products out there in the cancer cure and treatment world. Don't be scammed by the scammers.

1.) Foot soaks: These just don't work. Soaking your feet doesn't remove any toxins. This is an old remedy with recent activity coming out of China. 

Critical Questions to Ask: How does this work? How is the medicine getting into your blood stream? How does it interact with skin tissues? Does it penetrate the skin? How? How does the medicine "know" how to find the cancer.

2.) Magnet Therapy: No scientific evidence that these work.

Critical Questions to Ask: How strong is the magnetic field? How do we know that the field is penetrating my skin? What are the magnetic properties of the cancer? Is cancer magnetic?

3.) Herbs: There are many plant-based materials that are great for a wide variety of problems. But!

Critical Questions to Ask: How do you know what the dosage is? Do you have anyone I can call for verification that these herbs work? What are the side-effects? Is there a scientific study supporting the use of these herbs inside a human body? Does it work inside the body? How does it work in detail?

4.) Tonics: Typically, solutions you drink

Critical Questions to Ask: How does it work? Why do I need to drink it? What's in it? Can this be dangerous?What is the success rate for this treatment? Why is it so expensive?

5.) Colon cleanses: A practice of cleaning the colon in the belief that the materials in your colon are putting toxins in your body. There is no evidence of this in most people.

Critical Questions to Ask: What is this suppose to do exactly? Why can't by body remove these materials? Why can't a laxative work? Is there a risk of infection with this procedure? What scientific journals and studies support the claims that this procedure needs to be done.

6.) Water: Water is good for you. It cannot treat cancer.

7.) Prayer:  Some religious clinics may focus on prayer exclusively as a treatment.

Critical Questions to Ask: How will this remove my cancer? Is there a guarantee that it will work? Are your prayers better than mine? Didn't God technically give me the cancer? So, what are we praying about?

8.) Non-invasive cancer treatments: Sounds perfect!

Critical Questions to Ask: 

More to come:

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