The Fallen

posted Nov 25, 2016, 4:21 PM by Reginald Finley   [ updated Nov 25, 2016, 5:23 PM ]

This page features a growing list of those that have died as the result of quack medicine for cancer treatments. Please send us your stories for inclusion. Together, we can fight this growing menace of ignorance and scams. People die due to quack science.


Lady Sally Baldwin: Oxford, England
Cause of Death: Breast Cancer, 1998

Sally sought an alternative treatment for breast cancer in Mexico.  She was on the Gerson Therapy. She died two years after returning home. The Story

Debbie Benson: Fort Bragg, California
Cause of Death: Breast Cancer, 1997

Debbie used naturopaths instead of real board certified physicians. The Story

Lucille Craven: Pelham, New Hampshire
Cause of Death: Breast Cancer, 2000

Lucille hid her condition and secretly met with quack doctors for treatment. She died. The Story

Dave and Laura Flanagan remember their son Sean. A victim of medical quackery.
Sean Flanagan: Wheat Ridge Colorado
Cause of Death: Cancer, 2003

A naturopath, Brian O'Connell, gave Sean and his family hope that he could cure him in 9 days. He died in 4. The family paid O'Connell $7,400 for "photoluminescence" treatments in which blood was removed from Sean Flanagan's body, exposed to ultraviolet light, and then returned to the body along with a diluted solution of hydrogen peroxide.The Story and More.

Ed Gochenour: Macon, Georgia
Cause of Death: Brain Cancer, 1999

Ed was a member of the Georgia State Senate and after becoming frustrated with medical doctors, he sought out an alternative treatment through the Burzynski clinic. Unproven treatments were given to Ed but he was convinced that his treatments were working. He was lead to believe that his tumor shrunk over 50%. Ed even testified about his treatments and was so convinced that they worked that he wished to have a law passed in Georgia that would allow freer access to alternative treatments. Two years later, Ed died. The story and testimony.

Ellen Green: Post Falls, Idaho
Cause of Death: Breast Cancer, 2005

Ellen was the wife of the salesman of a machine known as the PAP-IMI device. It alleged used electrical energy in some unknown way to cure cancer. Ellen, despite her husband's warnings allegedly, used the machine anyway. She died due to complications with cancer. The Story

Archie and Petra Hall: Ferrysburg, Michigan
Cause of Death: Melanoma & Leukemia, 1996 & 1997

This Archie and Petra made headlines in their hometown in which they essentially made the news about their alternative cancer treatments. A New York alternative cancer treatment specialist[sic] treated the couple, by injecting them with herbal teas! Archie died first and Petra died a year later. The Story

More to come......Visit my colleagues over at for more horrible tales of the effects of quack medicine and malthinking.