In 2009, Reginald V. Finley Sr discovered the very lucrative and deceiving world of alternative cancer treatments. A family member postponed her cancer treatments due to the claims of a medical doctor[sic] that she and her husband found online. He promised a faith-based, cheaper, non-toxic, and natural approach to her treatment. Upon discovering this, Reginald began conducting research on him. He discovered that the physician in question was losing his license and was in court for a number of ethical offenses related to proper medical care. Upon calling the office of this physician, Reginald inquired about the success rate of the treatments and whether there were any reviewable documentation supporting the website's claims. He was quickly told no and the receptionist hurried him off the phone. Sadly, by the time the family realized that it was a con game, the cancer metastasized.

In 2012, Reginald was offered the opportunity to tell his story via a research opportunity in graduate school. Research was conducted investigating the number of sites out there promoting unscientific products to cure or treat cancer.  Reginald was overwhelmed and shocked at the number of sites claiming to work cancer miracles through a "safe and natural" method or product. The actual components of these treatments (if they were listed) were investigated and it was determined that this alleged treatments or cures were NOT viable.

How Can I Fix This?

Horrified, a decision was made to further his education and complete research delving deeper in investigating the harm that these sites cause to the public. 

Mr. Finley is has been accepted to Trident University and is pursuing a PhD in Health Science Education . Donations sent in pay for continued research in the field and covers his education.

"I need to uncover those that would do us harm through bad science and empty promises" - Reginald Finley Sr.


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