Watch Out For Cancer Treatments and Cures Scams

Rising costs in medical care has caused some cancer patients to find cheaper alternatives to their care. Many medical facilities and companies online offer a variety of unproven therapies for cancer. Some claim they have natural cures. Beware of these charlatans. They prey on the ignorant and desperate, which in combination is rife for abuse by those that wish to take your money. Your visit here will hopefully pull you out of the fog and enlighten you to real evidence-based medicine and not some witch doctor with herbs that have never been proven to work, ever!

Educate Yourself!

Science is something that almost anyone can master. The problem however is that most people that claim they know science, probably don't. Especially if they are trying to sell you some chlorophyll pill online. Many natural or spiritual sites online use confusing terms that may sound sciency or "deep", but they are not once you take a closer look. A distrust of pharmacology and pharmaceutical companies doesn't justify allowing oneself to be used. 

Cancer Buzz Words

Stay away from alleged cancer sites that claim they can treat cancer with: foot soaks, magnet therapy*, herbs, tonics, colon cleanses, water, prayer, non-invasive cancer treatment, toxic free, non-toxic, graviola, holistic, homeopathic, ayurvedic, homeopathy, and echinacea, vitamins, detoxification, vegetable juicing*, ion foot cleansing, baking soda, laetrile, Gerson therapy, marijuana, acupuncture, bariatric therapy, oxygenation, hydrotherapy, mushrooms, ganoderma, enzyme treatment, amigdalin, cancer massage, chelation, amino acid therapy, intravenous vitamin C, vitamin D, wine, and the list is building.

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