CanAm Strat-O-Matic League News

Oct. 17/17: The Stampeders beat the Sharks 5-1 pulling to within 2 games of a postseason spot, tied with the Highlander and Toros.  Sharks 4 back.

Oct. 16/17: The Blue Jays beat the Rebels 4-2, the highlight being the first no hitter in CanAm in 2-3 years(have to look that up).  Trevor Bauer tossed 6 no hit innings then Trevor Wood was brought in and finished with 3 no hit innings.  First no hitter for manager Steve A.  Congrats!

Oct. 16/17: The Schooners beat the Toros 4-2 to pull within 2 games of the first place Maroons in the East.  

Oct. 15/17: The Mad Dawgs and Outlaws split 3-3.

Oct. 15/17: The Tornados beat the Bulldogs 5-1 as the Bulldogs slide continues.  Tornados held the Dogs to 13 runs, outscoring them 23-13 in a low scoring series.

Oct. 14/17: The Oilers and Schooners played to a 3-3 split.

Oct. 14/17: The Bearcats and Banditos split 3-3.  It was a close, low scoring series, Cats outscoring 18-16.  Edwin Encarnacion slammed 3 homeruns for Banditos to tie series in Game 6.

Oct.14/17: The Mad Dawgs beat the Banditos 4-2, then the Banditos beat the Rebels 5-1.

Oct. 13/17: The Raiders beat the Outlaws 4-2, while the Maroons downed the Blackhawks 5-1.  The Maroons jumped into first by themselves in the East, 1 game up on the Raiders.  There are 5 teams in the East within 3 games of first.

Oct. 11/17: The Bearcats beat the Toros 5-1, putting themselves within a game of first in the East.  The East now has an incredible race with 5 teams all within 1 game.  Will be fun to watch as the season progresses.  Meanwhile, this knocked the Toros into a tie with the Banditos for 8th overall.

Oct. 11/17: The Blackhawks and Toros split 3-3.  While the Rebels beat the Tornados 4-2, in their first series win of the season.

Oct. 8/17: The Raiders defeated the first overall Oilers 5-1 to move into a 3 way tie in the East.  

Oct. 7/17: The Toros beat the Bulldogs 4-2, winning 4 after dropping the first 2.  They move into the 5th position overall.

Oct. 6/17: The Mad Dawgs beat the Tornados 4-2.

Oct. 5/17: The Toros beat the Raider 5-1, knocking the Raiders out of first in the East all the way to fourth in the tight East(still only 2 back) and launched themselves into 2nd in the West ahead of the Banditos.  The Toros are now placed 6th overall.

Oct. 4/17: The Spitfires beat the Rebels 4-2 to pull into a tie for first place in the East.  

The waiver claims are completed and reported in Roster Movements.  

Oct. 3/17: The vote for the waivers/Rule 5 has been decided.  I am still missing one vote, however, as it is the deadline for waivers tonight, I want to finalize this topic.  The vote is 10-7 to include the waivers and rule 5 as x10, so $500,000.  It is effective immediately as was mentioned when we voted.  Essentially, all money topics have been x10 so it is no more expensive than it used to be, just has another zero on it.  Voting for: Spi, Mar, Out, Mad, Bul, Bea, Ban, Rai, Tor, Sta.

Oct. 3/17: The Highlanders and Banditos played to a 3-3 tie last night.  Both teams are in the hunt for a postseason spot but stayed the same with a split.

Oct. 1/17: The Oilers beat the Bulldogs 4-2.

Sept. 30/17: The Spitfires and Mad Dawgs split 3-3.

Sept. 30/17: The Spitfires beat the Blackhawks 4-2 in Friday night action.

Sept. 29/17: The Blue Jays upset the defending champion Bearcats 4-2.  The Jays are on a roll, splitting with the Dawgs and beating the Cats.  

Sept. 27/17: The Maroons beat the Rebels 5-1 to pull into a tie with the East first place Raiders.  The Schooners beat the Outlaws 4-2, pulling to within a game of the two previously mentioned.  And the Stampeders beat the Bulldogs in a hard fought 4-2 series.  

Sept. 26/17: The Raiders beat the Stampeders 4-2, with one a walk off come from behind win on Dexter Fowler's HR.  Raiders now have a 2 game lead on the East powers.  Go Rocky!

Sept. 26/17: The Schooners beat the Banditos 4-2.  The East now has 5 teams one game apart led by the Raiders who are that one game ahead of the other four.  The Banditos fell into a tie for 8th overall with the Bulldogs.

Sept. 25/17: I have updated the salaries and money to reflect our x10.  When I upload the roster file next it will include that.  From now on all reporting will be done with the new $$$.  

In general agenda items passed for this season:

1. Allow replacement 1/3 inning remaining, showing fully used in the game, to be replaced after the series (15-0)

2. Buy out of the No Trade clause at cost of 50% of remaining TCV.  If player traded during remainder of the contract, the NT goes back on (14-1)

3. More realistic salaries, essentially a x10 for all salaries and bank.  Will be for next Roster sheets on Aug 1 (11-4)

Those effective for after this season:
1. No trade contracts signed for players in the Dev, players immediately are promoted to the 40 (15-0)

2. As of August 1 of each year, teams must have positive cash based on their salaries at that time beginning 2018. (10-8)

3. Adjustment to postseason winnings for the 2018-19 season (10-8)

Items sent to a Committee to development the proposal for discussion and voting:
1. Introduction of Franchise Player Tag (15-0) Pete(chair), Adam, Clark  Voted down
2.Dealing with Multiple Highs during Free Agency (15-0) Craig(chair), Pete, Clark Voted in
3.Rules of Play regarding Max Rules (15-0) Steve W(chair), Pete, Chris
4.Expansion (15-0) Kaz(chair), Steve W, Ross

The Qualified Free Agent initial bid for 2018 Free Agency is $1,488,000.  This is down $49k, or 3.2% from 2017.

For interest, the minimum offer after that on these players for 1 year is $1.637m a year,  for 2 years would be $1.092m a year and for 3 years $819k a year.