My Hydrogen Lab

           My master thesis was about photovoltaic powered proton exchange membrane(PEM)  electrolyzers. I bought the membrane electrode assemblies (MEA) from Ion Power Inc. and construct the bipolar plates gaskets etc. by myself and assembled the stack. 

          During the literature survey of my thesis, even there are a lot of works avaliable in literature i have faced that most of the them usually conceal their cell designs and other important things but  only gave what they were used as catalyst and their voltage-current results. Because of that reason i have hard times during the construction of the electrolysis stack. I guess i have discovered America once again. 

         Neverthless, this work gave me lots of things, and now i am publishing what i have designed, their results and my thesis in here (Academic Section).  Because I want that new researchers on hydrogen production (like me) can easily pass these steps and  investigate further things.  Feel free to ask any question you want about the lab and my