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Tyre Disposal Services

tyre disposal services
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Towradgi Trackwork 14/7/09 No.1
Towradgi Trackwork 14/7/09 No.1
Balloon tyre tippers ferry the old track base of the Up platform at Towradgi away for disposal. Looking North towards Corrimal from the Towradgi Rd. bridge. RailCorp are renewing the Up Illawarra line between Wollongong and Corrimal, this week and next. What traffic is still running must use the Down line. Bi-Directional signalling makes this an easy Prospect. Passenger services are only operating in the peak direction at peak times, but the freight is running as normally as can be expected.
United 633 Bishop Auckland 02 April 1983
United 633 Bishop Auckland 02 April 1983
En route to oblivion. Former Morpeth VR was delivered to Bishop Auckland under its own power, and may have continued to Bracebridge Heath as a 'runner'. It was parked in the 'tyre shed' at Bishop Auckland on April 2nd 1983. Bishop was Uniteds central disposal point for many years, until well into Arriva days.

tyre disposal services
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