Tesla's solar roof will begin selling its 2017 — here's everything to know

Tesla Solar Roof

Tesla will be installing and selling its solar roof 2017, Tesla wrote in its 4th quarter Tesla investor letter.

Here's everything we know about the new solar roof product:

Tesla uncovered its solar roof product late October, about a month prior to the organization procured Solar City in an arrangement worth $2.1 billion. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said it looks "very encouraging" that the sun based rooftop could be less expensive than a typical rooftop, figuring in the cost of work. 

Here's all that we think about the new solar rooftop item:

Tesla will offer four sorts of shingles to coordinate diverse lodging style with an end goal to motivate mortgage holders to dump burdensome sun powered board additional items for a delightful rooftop. 

tesla solar roof product

Tesla's textured reflective glass product 

tesla reflective glass option

... What's interesting, is you can't generally tell the rooftop has sunlight based cells. That is truly the entire core of Tesla's sun oriented rooftop vision: to make something that is both stylishly engaging and proficient.

"As a matter of first importance, I've never observed a sunlight based rooftop that I would really need… they're strange," Musk said on a phone call Nov. 1. "Each one of them that I've seen is more terrible than a typical rooftop, no matter what. So unless will beat a rooftop on feel, why trouble?"
tesla solar roof top

Musk was extremely excited about Tesla's French slate tile offering, saying the look is "one of the hardest things to accomplish." This photo of the Tesla French Slate gives you a nice view of the solar cell hidden in the tile.

Tesla French Slate 
tesla french slate
Rive said on the call that the sunlight based rooftop would in all likelihood not fall under a rent or power buy understanding, however rather as a direct credit. "All things considered, there is no benefit possession challenge. We would simply exchange the proprietorship to the new mortgage holder," he said.
tesla solar roof 3

Here's a Look of Tesla's smooth glass tile that is meant to offer "more of a modern look," Musk said at the event.

tesla rooftop

Unlike the textured glass tile and French slate offering, Tesla's smooth glass tile was purposefully designed so you could see the solar cells from certain angles of the roof.

tesla roof top

Finally, Tesla's Tuscan glass tile advertising. The rooftop appeared at the occasion wasn't solely comprised of Tesla's Tuscan tile. Rather, just the darker tiles seen here accompanied the sun based cells.
tesla tucan style roof

A closer look of the Tesla Tuscan Tile Roof Top
Tesla Tuscan Roof

Musk likewise tried demonstrating the solidness of Tesla's glass tiles with a weight taste. He likewise wrote in an Oct. 28 tweet that you can stroll on the tiles like you would with consistent black-top shingles

The solar cells will be manfactured at a plant in Buffalo, New York.

tesla solar roof

Tesla & Panasonic will manufacture the solar cells at the Buffalo NY production faculty in mid-2017. Tesla is referring to the Buffalo NY plant as Gigafactory 2.

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