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Individuals seeking service from a Canadian physiotherapist who has a special interest in treating pain.

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1.  Click on whichever province or territory you live in.
The link will take you to a page of its cities and towns where the Pain Science Division has members.

2.  Click on the city of your choice. The link will take you to a list of PTs in that city.

3.  Select a PT in your city.

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            Attention Consumers:            

This site has been created and is maintained as a free public service by the Pain Science Division of the
Canadian Physiotherapy Association.

The Canadian Pain Physio Directory allows you to search a national database of physiotherapists who are members in good standing of the Pain ScienceDivision (PSD) of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA) for the purpose of finding a practitioner who is right for you.

Physiotherapists (PTs) who are members of CPA agree to abide by the Association’s mission statement and all rules and regulations which bind the profession.
Members of the Pain Science Division are committed to providing competent and compassionate care.
PTs must be licensed by the province in which they practice.

Terms of Use:
PSD and its members listed herein request that all contact information provided within the pain directory be used for the exclusive purpose of seeking care.

PSD provides no suggestions regarding treatment nor guarantees its results.
PSD cannot guarantee that a PSD member will be available in your city or town of choice.

Note to Registrants
Treatment certifications other than academic degree and those specifically to do with treating pain have been omitted for space.
Please notify the Pain Science Division immediately regarding any errors or omissions other than those stated.
Contact Diane Jacobs, PSD volunteer, dfjpt2009@gmail.com