The 2014 CNMRC HT is being hosted by the Saskatoon Retriever Club August 16-23, 2014.  Entries for the 2014 event will close on August 6, 2014, or when the limit of 75 dogs is reached, whichever occurs first.

The event is open to all retrievers, Standard Poodles, and Irish Water Spaniels who:
  • hold the CKC GMH title
  • qualified at the most recent Canadian National Master Hunt Test or AKC Master National Hunt Test
  • hold a CKC or AKC Master Hunter title, and have earned two Master passes at tests hosted by CNMRC member clubs since the close of the 2013 CNMHT in August 2013 up until the August 6, 2014 close date of the 2014 event.  (These two passes may also have been used to earn the CKC MH title).
2014 Event Contacts:
Co-Chairs                                                                Event Secretary
Jeff Morari                    Mark Dolan                            Tracy Auchstetter     
306-955-4607                306-659-1210                   306-652-7863
306-230-5122                306-291-0419                   306-220-7902
                                                                                    75 El Dorado Lane, 
                                                                                    Casa Rio SK S7T 1B8