The City, Urban Cultures and Sustainable Literatures


''The City, Urban Cultures and Sustainable Literatures: Representations of the Anglo-Canadian Post-Metropolis''
"Ciudad, culturas urbanas y literaturas sostenibles: representaciones de la post-metrópolis anglocanadiense''.
Founding Agency:  Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnología (Gobierno de España)


Project Reference: FFI2010-20989

Project Duration: 2011 - 2014
Principal Investigator: Dr. Eva Darias-Beautell (University of La Laguna)


This project will provide an interdisciplinary articulation of representations of the city in contemporary Canadian literatures, arts, and cultures in English. It is designed as a methodological continuation of the work conducted as part of the research project “El bordado de Penélope: tradición literaria, identidades culturales y discursos teóricos en la narrativa anglocanadiense de finales del siglo XX” (HUM2006-09288FIL, 2007-2009) (“Penelope’s Embroidery: Literary Tradition, Cultural Identities and Theoretical Discourses in the Anglo-Canadian Fiction of the Late 20th Century”), which we now mean to consolidate by means of three major strategic actions:

a) giving it a finer methodological direction and more succinct focus at the thematic level;
b) expanding the scope of the areas covered at the (inter)disciplinary level; and
c) enlarging and strengthening both the national and the international dimensions of the research team.