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  • Ethiopia (Ge'ez: ????? ') is a landlocked country located in the Horn of Africa. Officially known as the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia''', it is the second-most populous nation in Africa with over 85.2 million people and the tenth-largest by area with its 1,100,000 km2.
  • A country in northeastern Africa, on the Red Sea; pop. 67,251,000; capital, Addis Ababa; languages, Amharic (official) and several other Afro-Asiatic languages
  • Ethiopia is a republic in northeastern Africa on the Red Sea; formerly called Abyssinia
  • (ethiopian) of or relating to or characteristic of Ethiopia or its people or languages; "Ethiopian immigrants"
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Held at a Distance: A Rediscovery of Ethiopia
Held at a Distance: A Rediscovery of Ethiopia
"Part travelogue, part history, part memoir, Rebecca Haile's Held at a Distance shines a bright and unique light on Ethiopia, a country in whose fortunes we as Americans and Westerners have been concerned for some time, but which remains in large part a mystery to many of us. . . . Today, Ethiopia, for far too many people, is synonymous with poverty and warfare; but for generations of African Americans, it was the font of black civilization itself, the spiritual source of visions of a united and prosperous Pan-Africa, the living testament to the glories that were Black Africa. In her bold new book, Haile moves far beyond the one-dimensional headlines that encapsulate Ethiopia in the Western press to provide as rich and nuanced a portrait of her native land as I have seen. It's an important and beautifully written volume."--HENRY LOUIS GATES, JR., Harvard University
"This is the story of an Ethiopian child who became an American adult, and then returned to rediscover her country of origin after 25 years. What she discovers is the difficulty and dangers of defining identity in our contemporary world, a well-nigh universal problem. This is a memoir that reads like a novel, and encourages thoughtful reflection on our dilemmas."--IMMANUEL WALLERSTEIN, Yale University
In this first hand account of a woman's journey back to her homeland, Rebecca Haile's Held at a Distance: My Rediscovery of Ethiopia gives readers a powerful and unique glimpse into a fascinating African country. Haile was born in Ethiopia in 1965 and lived there until she was eleven years old. When the Emperor was deposed by a military coup, Haile's father, a leading academic in Addis Ababa, was shot while "resisting arrest." Barely surviving, he escaped with his family and settled in central Minnesota where they struggled with the cultural and financial strain of their drastically changed circumstances.
Haile grew up in America harboring her precious childhood memories, but in time saw herself as more American than Ethiopian. She attended Williams College and went on to graduate from Harvard Law School. In 2001, she was the first member of her family to return to Ethiopia. Her trip profiles key family members who are still living in the country, and she writes movingly about Ethiopia's recent past and its ancient history.
Few books have dealt with the millions of Ethiopians affected by war and strife in their country. Rebecca Haile's book brings into focus the challenges and consequences of three decades of political upheaval in Ethiopia. She offers a clear-eyed analysis of the country today, and her keen observations and personal experiences will resonate with readers.

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Saddle-Billed Stork. -Fish in a beak-
Saddle-Billed Stork. -Fish in a beak-
ASA 500 Canon 50D 75-300mm Cheap Canon Lens Flat Light Conditions The Saddle-billed Stork (Ephippiorhynchus senegalensis) is a large wading bird in the stork family, Ciconiidae. It is a widespread species which is a resident breeder in sub-Saharan Africa from Sudan, Ethiopia and Kenya south to South Africa, and in The Gambia, Senegal, Cote d'Ivoire and Chad in west Africa. This is a close relative of the widespread Asian Black-necked Stork, the only other member of the genus Ephippiorhynchus. The Saddle-billed Stork breeds in marshes and other wetlands in tropical lowland. It builds a large, deep stick nest in a tree, laying one or two white eggs weighing about 146g each. It does not form breeding colonies, and is usually found alone or in pairs. The incubation period is 30-35 days, with another 70 - 100 days before the chicks fledge. This is a huge bird that regularly attains a height of 150 cm (5 feet) and a 270cm (9 feet) wingspan. It is probably the tallest, if not the heaviest, of the storks. Females are distinctly smaller than the males. It is spectacularly plumaged. The head, neck, back, wings, and tail are iridescent black, with the rest of the body and the primary flight feathers being white. The massive bill is red with a black band and a yellow frontal shield (the “saddle”). The legs and feet are black with pink knees. Sexes are identically plumaged except that the female has a golden yellow iris, while the male's is brown. Juveniles are browner grey in plumage. They are silent except for bill-clattering at the nest. Like most storks, these fly with the neck outstretched, not retracted like a heron; in flight, the large heavy bill is kept drooping somewhat below belly height, giving these birds a very unusual appearance to those who see them for the first time (see here for photo). To experienced birdwatchers on the other hand, this makes them easily recognizable even if seen from a distance. It has been suggested that due to the large size and unusual appearance in flight, this species is the basis for the "Big Bird" and Kongamato cryptids. The Saddle-billed Stork, like most of its relatives, feeds mainly on fish, frogs and crabs, but also on young birds, and other land vertebrates. They move in a deliberate and stately manner as they hunt, in a similar way to the larger herons.
Gondar, Ethiopia 2002
A Priest Holding the Ark of Covanent During the Timket Festival
Nikon FE2, Nikkor AIS 55mm/2.8 Fujichrome RDP III

cheap flight to ethiopia
cheap flight to ethiopia
Ethiopian Amharic (Lonely Planet Phrasebooks)
Voices woven through staccato rhythms lead you to a narrow alley. Laughter flows from beneath a door. It opens to a kaleidoscope of sound and color, led by an azmari singing a song of invitation. A waiter smiles as you glance in the book - you order a bira and some ocholoni. The day had started with a mountain-top view of the Blue Nile and now the vibrant city nightlife takes you in...

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