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Jewelry Boxes Standing

jewelry boxes standing
    jewelry boxes
  • (Jewelry box) A casket, or jewelry box is a term for a container that is usually larger than a box, and smaller than a chest, and in the past was typically decorated.
  • (Jewelry Box) When are you going to show off your jewelry?A jewelry box symbolizes hidden treasures of you. You are concealing your talents and storing them.
  • (of water) Stagnant or still
  • (of a jump or a start in a running race) Performed from rest or an upright position, without a run-up or the use of starting blocks
  • Remaining in force or use; permanent
  • standing(a): having a supporting base; "a standing lamp"
  • social or financial or professional status or reputation; "of equal standing"; "a member in good standing"
  • an ordered listing of scores or results showing the relative positions of competitors (individuals or teams) in a sporting event

Dog trinket or jewelry box – Retriever coated in 24kt gold with dozens of Swarovski Crystals - 02
Dog trinket or jewelry box – Retriever coated in 24kt gold with dozens of Swarovski Crystals - 02
This vintage dog trinket / jewelry box is absolutely stunning, with dozens of diamond color Swarovski Crystals inlayed, and sparkling emerald color crystals in it’s eyes. The dog appears to be a retriever, and is coated in 24kt gold, with hand painted enameling inside and out. A hinge opens to reveal a hollow compartment for trinkets, jewelry, or whatever you think of :) This is a perfect gift for any dog lover, trinket collector, or the person who has everything – the rich details, and sparkling crystals make this an eye-catching piece that won’t be listed for very long, so don’t miss your opportunity. The dog measures 3 ?” long, and stands slightly over 2” tall.
cupcake stand
cupcake stand
This had fashion cupcakes and a small jewellery box cake on top. The cake was a quite small at only 5 inchs round. I will hopefully get some better photos of the cake and cupcakes. the cupcakes had small purses and dresses on them that match in with the cookies. They also had edible cachous and flowers toned in with each paper. The cupcake stand had pink and purple sequined trim with a shiny pink and purple sleeve to coordinate in. All edible

jewelry boxes standing
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