Our Mission

The Canadian Society for Art of Imagination provides a network of resources for established and emerging artists who fall under the broad heading of 'art of imagination'. This support system encourages artists to pursue their development and actively promotes the commerce and industry of the art of imagination network within Canada.

We foster excellence in the arts through informal mentorship, and promote Canadian art of imagination work abroad through collaboration with other Art of Imagination societies in the United States and Europe. 

We also organize several large and small scale exhibitions each year. 

Our mandate is to promote imaginative art, ranging from surreal to conceptual to fantasy, sacred and spiritual art and beyond, and to give artists a community of peers to bolster one another in their practices.

The Society also benefits the general public through our exhibitions, both juried and non-juried, which provide opportunities to discover new and exciting talent. By doing so, we advance the public's appreciation for art of imagination 

We are always happy to receive financial support for our many projects, such as the upcoming Art for Peace exhibitions. These shows will take place from 2014 - 2015, and will comprise events in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal and other Canadian cities to be announced. The theme will the great and dire need for peace worldwide. Some of the shows will in turn donate a portion of the proceeds to a specified registered charity. As there are considerable expenses involved, any contribution, large or small is greatly appreciated. We are currently in the process of obtaining charitable status in Canada and all donations will be tax deductible.