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 Greetings and a warm welcome to iOS users who couldn't see our picasa / flash slide show. 
You will find all the images as well as some extra details about our founding members, Brigid Marlin, Bhat Boy, Russ Paquette, Jean Pronovost, and Marina Malvada.

Brigid Marlin

Bhat Boy

Russ Paquette


30”w X 24”h   Acrylic on Wood Panel  
 Every moment in time reveals its treasures. There is purpose in birth and death, in joy and sadness.  Our lives move through many seasons.  I have come to believe that in the midst of seeming chaos there exists a Spiritual Power, a Creator who not only observes our situation but draws along side of us with empathy, love and guidance.   “For everything that happens in life, there is a season, a right time for everything under heaven.”  Ecclesiastes 3   -  The Voice Bible

20”w X 10”h   Acrylic on Canvas
I often ponder the magnitude of love, of its meaning, and especially its origins.  Aspects of love are hormonal.  I have felt loves chemistry ramping up my brain, but I can also see how love quietly existed before time, there in the very heart of a Creator.  I know that love is temporal; we, in our frailty are often unsuccessful in acquiring and holding onto love; yet, I also know that love is eternal, love indeed can last a lifetime, and beyond.  I know that love is elusive!  Love can lift us from the earth into the heavens, or it can drive us to despair.  Where are the origins of love?  Let us ponder the magnitude of love.

  “MIDNIGHT JAZZ”        
16”w X 20”h  Acrylic on Canvas 
Music can be used as a vehicle to carry us from one reality to another.  This painting includes dancing bass strings and various guitar parts, all existing beside roads, distant hills and planets.  There are creatures that represent both the musicians and the audience.  There is consistent rhythm, but it, like jazz itself, is right on the edge of becoming discordant.  Music, like fine art is mathematical in nature.  Good music manipulates sounds and arranges them together in a near perfect structure.  But when considering all forms of art, where does this elusive magic come from?

Jean Pronovost

Marina Malvada

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