Results of the 2009 CAPS' Survey of Postdocs in Canada

In July 2009, The Canadian Association of Postdoctoral Scholars, a national professional organization formed to advocate on behalf of postdocs, conducted a survey to serve as a guide on the issue of postdoctoral status. 
Our position paper on postdoctoral status is available here.

November 2009
Our position paper is also getting some press in Nature.
  • This survey was conducted on the internet between April and June 2009
  • Questions were designed and approved by the CAPS committee
  • Post docs were informed of this poll by emails sent to the CAPS committee members with a list they had or by their network contacts.  We have no idea how many postdocs had the information.
  • The survey existed in English and in French.
  • 1192 Post docs responded to the survey (922 in English, 270 in French)
  • Some of the respondents didn't respond to all questions.
  • The data were pre-analysed by the CAPS members committee.
Below is a selection of the results.   The full results can be downloaded here.

              *Demographics      *Actual Status      *Aspirations

Actual Status
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