Year 1 - Where an idea is born and a pond emerges. 


December 31 - New Year's party 

The partygoers are attracted by an abundance of food and the open water source nearby.

December 24 

Merry Christmas everyone.

December 11

We installed a heating disc for those very cold days, and we had a very interested spectator.

December 3

This morning the pond was gone. 

December 1 

We installed a bubbler to keep the fishes supplied with oxygen, but the hole is closing quickly.

November 24 

Ice dams are forming, and it's time to shut down the waterfall.

November 23 

More snow. 

November 21 - First snow

A couple of weeks ago we added a beautiful moss overgrown branch to the top of the waterfall, but it seems I forgot to take a picture, so you'll have to wait until the spring to admire it.

October 4

The frogs accumulate like nuts, btw.

Feeding them occasionally is sheer indulgence, they're getting on fine without our help. We'll have to stop soon as the weather gets colder, though.

September 29

We added two more comets to bring the number back up to three: Agent Orange, who has beautiful black markings on his fins, and Plan B, the orange and white one.

September 25

We added some dwarf cattails and zebra reeds.

September 24

We bought three comets from the feeder bin: Curly (white), Larry (orange) and Moe (black). Unfortunately Larry didn't survive the day and Curly followed him within 72 hours. We learned that feeder bin fish aren't necessarily the healthiest ones around. 

September 19

The beach is getting crowded.

September 11 

Hiding the liner on the other side and putting the daylilies back in their place.

September 10 - Time for some prettyfication

Camouflaging the waterfall tub and hiding the liner on the left.

We proudly bought our first pond plant, a water hyacinth, and it seems the froggies approve that decision.

Adding the overflow pit.

September 3

A butterfly is attracted by the spray.

September 1 - The day the water flowed

We're tired, but pretty darn proud of ourselves.

August 31 

The waterfall was tricky to get just right, but now we're ready for a trial run.

August 30

A night of hard rain brought the first tenant, even though the builders haven't left the building yet and there's no running water.

August 29 

We cleverly hid a piece of pipe as a hideaway for fishes to come. 

August 28

Adding the gravel.

Slates for the waterfall and edge.

A weekend of hauling rocks. 

August 26

Underlining and liner are in.

Everything is roughly in place. 

August 25

3 tons of rocks and gravel waiting in the driveway. 

August 13 

It rained during the night. As we can see, the clay is quite watertight. So now, we have to drain out the water to continue building the pond. Oh, the irony...

August 12 

The third shelf and the skimmer hole are almost done. The pond depth is now at its final 2 feet. Which mean that the digging is almost at an end. Woohoo! 

End of the day

Second shelf (roughly 16 inches deep) is also done. At the back, we hit a pocket of clay with small mussel-like shells. Could be old denizens of the Stony Swamp, or perhaps fossils of the St-Lawrence sea. Either way, it brings an aura of archaeological mystery to the digging. A clammy aura, maybe, but an aura still.

August 06 - It begins

The lilies have been temporary relocated underneath the lilac. The pond is now roughly 5 feet by 8 feet, and the first shelf (8" deep) has been excavated. Also, the honeymoon's over: after an easy digging in soil and sand, we hit clay. Hard, compact, stone-encrusted clay.

August 04

Well, let's make it a little bigger. Look. Like that.

July 16

Nestled in the lily arch is where it'll be.