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2008 - year 2

Where a pond weathers its first winter. 


 October 29 - First Snow

 Things change quickly, sometimes. Yesterday it was still fall, today it's winter. I'm glad we finished all the clean-up.

 October 19

 Cut down all the perennials in the pond and scooped out most of the floating plants. It's cold in the mornings and frosty at night. The goldfish only come topside during midday, when the sun warms things up.

 October 18

 I've been uneasy about leaving the tropicals in the pond, but we hadn't found just the right pots for them yet. Ceramic is too heavy when full of water and can leak; and all the nicest plastic pots have overflow holes. Useless for pond plants.

 Last night they got a bit of frost burn, so I did some serious hunting today. I was ready to put them in buckets (which is not my preferred style in the living room, let me tell you), so we wouldn't lose the plants, a nice Elephant Ear and a stunning Papyrus. But today I found a nice collection of over pots in all the right sizes, lightweight and, most importantly, watertight. They're a very pale green sort of Terrazzo style, straight, no squiddlies or anything like that, and look unobtrusively nice, not plasticky at all. Me likes.

 It's now a bit crowded around the back door, and the pond looks strangely bare.

 October 14

 Golden light and the first fallen leaves. All the minnows are scooped out and swimming happily in a tank in the basement. The goldfish are still out and about, doing their thing.

 September 06

 The floating plants are taking over the pond, which makes the fish happy. And us, too, because it takes care of the algae.

 August 24

 All's lush, and we have two flowers. On the Pickerel and the Arrowhead.

 July 25

 This is where frogs go on vacation. At last count we had sixteen in and around the pond.

 All new plants are potted and daylilies are blooming.

 July 20

 The woodlands view from the top of the waterfall. 

 We has a flower (water hyacinth). 

 July 19

 Plan B on the prowl through the reeds 

 Bought new water plants, which have to be properly potted up now. 

 June 19 - Finally! New pics!!!

 The pinks are in full bloom, the daylilies bushy and the berm's filling up.

 We recently added 10 White Cloud Mountain Minnows, very tiny. They get chased by the goldfish quite a bit. I hope they don't get eaten. They won't be able to overwinter outside, but will have to come inside when it gets cold.

 May 05

 The reeds and rushes are coming back nicely, the daylilies are a good 10 inches high, and I started planting the berm. There's a new bleeding heart (alba) and two nice ferns. Alas, alas, I can't take any pics, cause the camera broke.

 April 14

 Winter is losing. My Iris and two of the reeds are coming back, and I see some mini bulbs sending green out on the berm. The dragon unfortunately lost a paw in the frost, but it looks like a clean break that can be glued.

 April 6 - It's slowly getting a little warmer 

 A lot of the snow has melted over the last week.

 And we're very happy to report all three fishes alive and happily munching on the loads of algae that have accumulated these past months. 

 March 31 - In case you're wondering why there are no new pictures 

 It's because there's still not much to see but a big heap of snow with a hole in the middle. Aaah, the glories of spring in Ontario. As you can see, though, the top of the chain-link fence in the background is peeking out again, so it must be melting.

 March 9 - After the big one 

 The big blizzard dumped roughly half a meter of snow on us since Saturday morning; not only the pond is gone, but so is the fence on the left and half of the lilac. To say nothing of the neighbour's toolshed.

 February 2 - The first snowstorm of the new year ...

... has returned things to a more seasonal state. 

January 9 - The Meltdown 

Plan B (left) and Agent Orange (right) have been spotted frolicking in the balmy waters. We hope Moe is still alive as well. He's a hard one to make out with his camouflage colour.

Almost a meter of snow gone in two days and no ice left on the pond. A curious peak in the skimmer revealed three dead frogs on the bottom (a bit icky, that) and two live, if very sluggish ones on the rim and the branch that's floating inside. We've since heard the skimmer referred to as 'the place where frogs go to die'. *le sigh*

January 1 - Happy New Year

Every day we go out to check on the pond, hoping that our fish are still alive, hidden somewhere at the bottom. We also expect the frogs have hidden in the now empty skimmer. They already did that when the nights started to get colder in the fall.