Welcome to the 

"Canadair" History Website

Dedicated to the preservation of the proud name of a remarkable Canadian Company, 

and the nearly one hundred thousand employees who, over the years ensured its success and survival 

For over half a century, Canadair was Canada's leading aircraft manufacturer.
Between its founding in 1944 and its 50th Anniversary, the company manufactured over 4000 aircraft and many other products. Acquired by Bombardier Inc. in 1986, Canadair has since been absorbed by Bombardier Aerospace, and its name has almost completely disappeared from the international aerospace scene. This website is dedicated to preserving the memory of the Canadair name and the company's remarkable history.
In 1998, Ron Pickler created the site and was Webmaster until June, 2007.
Since then, the new Webmaster and principal sponsor, Richard Faucher 
introduced a french version and published the site
to make it accessible to all those interested in aviation.