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Life Fitness Weight Equipment

life fitness weight equipment
    life fitness
  • Life Fitness is the global leader in providing fitness equipment. The company manufactures and sells strength and cardiovascular equipment under the brand names Life Fitness and Hammer Strength and distributes its equipment in more than 120 countries.
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life fitness weight equipment - BodyChange: The
BodyChange: The 21 Day Fitness Program for Changing Your Body and Changing Your Life (includes exercise DVD)
BodyChange: The 21 Day Fitness Program for Changing Your Body and Changing Your Life (includes exercise DVD)
Award-winning talk show host Montel Williams has used the Bodychange programme to help him battle MS. In this book, Williams teams up with his personal trainer, Wini Linguvic, to teach others how to use this 21-day fitness programme.

Talk-show host Montel Williams wanted a leaner look--quickly--for a swimsuit TV segment. Trainer Wini Linguvic showed him how to get that look. And in BodyChange, she'll show you, too. Linguvic's exercise routine incorporates aerobics with weight training, particularly functional exercises (using the muscles the way we use them in real life) and core exercises (emphasizing the abdominal and lower-back muscles for stabilization, strength, and balance) using free weights and a Swiss ball. "You're stronger than you think," Linguvic says, "but to experience that strength, you've got to stretch beyond that feeling of comfort."
The program is sound, clearly explained, and well illustrated. Photos by Mitchel Gray are awesome, especially the artistic poses of Williams and Linguvic together. The strength-training routine that comprises most of the book is a basic program that beginners can handle: three sets each of nine fundamental exercises that target all the major muscle groups for beginners; a few more for intermediate and advanced exercisers. Despite a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis and a work and travel schedule that would reduce most of us to mush, Williams continues to work out daily and look great--a positive testament to Linguvic's routine. --Joan Price

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Ethos, Imperial College London’s flagship sports centre, boasts excellent facilities including: * 75-station fitness gym (with Life Fitness equipment, a Fitlinxx system, free weights, and monitors to watch DVDs and Sky TV). * 25m deck-level swimming pool * exercise studio * five-badminton court sports hall * three squash courts * sauna, steam room and spa * climbing wall * sports injury treatments * cafe The pool (incl. sauna/steam room) and gym are free for the duration of your degree once you pay the one-off ?20 induction fee. When I joined induction was free! Booking courts, etc, is inexpensive.
life fitness t3 basic treadmill
life fitness t3 basic treadmill
The Life Fitness T3 treadmill is designed with form and functionality in mind. From its sleek aesthetic curves that complement any home environment, to patented features that provide comfort and control, the T3 treadmill is everything you expect form Life Fitness. Pair it with the Basic Workouts Console for an extremely easy-to-use interface with the essential workout programs you'll need to maintain an effective fitness regimen

life fitness weight equipment
life fitness weight equipment
LifeSpan Fitness VP-1000 Vibration Plate
Enjoy the benefits of whole body vibration using the LifeSpan VP1000 Vibration Plate. Its dual-motion design encompasses an up/down pivoting system and a secondary front/back pivot. The result is a multi-dimensional platform movement that enhances the benefits you'll receive from whole body vibration, including improved muscle strength, balance and flexibility. In addition to standing in an upright position, there are many other uses of the vibration plate to increase your physical activity and improve your strength, including calf stretches, lunges, squats, pushups, sit-up twists and tricep dips. Assembly is required.
How It Works
Whole body vibration is achieved by being on a platform that vibrates at a high frequency, causing your muscles to contract and stretch to maintain balance without your brain being actively involved. The rapid involuntary reflex intensifies even the simplest exercises. This fast repetition of your muscles reacting along with the controlled low impact to the bones creates the growth and strength.

The platform's design provides multi-directional vibration, with movement up and down, side to side, and front to back.

Enhance your workout routine with the VP-1000.
The primary use of a vibration plate requires that you simply stand on the vibration plate in proper position while the vibration plate moves. Duration and frequency are important elements to consider in using a vibration plate. If you're physically fit, vibration exercise sessions should last no more than 15 minutes. If you're just beginning an exercise program, limit your time to 10 minutes per session. Whole body vibration should be used 2-3 times a week to supplement your cardiovascular workouts, with adequate time in-between sessions to recuperate.
About Whole Body Vibration
Vibration technology is relatively new to the fitness industry but the technology was developed in the 1960s for Russian cosmonauts to prevent muscle atrophy and loss of bone density due to the lack of gravity in space. This proven technology is now used by elite athletes, those rehabilitating from an injury, and those interested in expanding their exercise regiment to take advantage of the health benefits achieved by using whole body vibration.
20 levels of vibration intensity
5 preset workouts
Vertical and horizontal vibration
Motor: 1.2 horsepower
Maximum user weight: 300 pounds
Unit Weight: 105 pounds
Platform Height: 9 inches
Platform Area: 15 by 23 inches
Product Height: 55 inches
Manufacturer's Warranty
Five years for frame, one year for parts and labor

Get a more intense workout as you perform lunges, squats, calf raises, pushups, situp twists, and more.

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