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dj equipment computer
    dj equipment
  • A disc jockey (also known as 'DJ or deejay''''') is a person who selects and plays recorded music for an audience. Originally, disk referred to phonograph records, while disc referred to the Compact Disc, and has become the more common spelling.
  • An electronic device for storing and processing data, typically in binary form, according to instructions given to it in a variable program
  • A person who makes calculations, esp. with a calculating machine
  • calculator: an expert at calculation (or at operating calculating machines)
  • (computing) computer science: the branch of engineering science that studies (with the aid of computers) computable processes and structures
  • a machine for performing calculations automatically
dj equipment computer - The DJ
The DJ Handbook
The DJ Handbook
Written by a working DJ who's been there and done that, The DJ Handbook is an essential read for every DJ.
You'll find advice on choosing equipment (microphones, decks, cartridges, headphones, speakers and the rest), as well as setting it all up and getting the best sound out of it--whatever the venue!
But there's more to being a successful DJ than just playing records--don't forget you're putting on a show. Charles Slaney gives some hands-on advice on transport, setting up your sound system at the gig, dealing with punters, looking after safety and troubleshooting your equipment.
And don't forget to take care of business--be organised. DJ contracts help avoid disputes--we show you how with some sample contracts you can use for your own gigs.
But, hey--DJ'ing is supposed to be fun, and it is--wow those clubbers with some creative DJ mixing--follow our step by step guide to producing killer mixes.
DJ'ing has been the first step on the success ladder for many radio presenters, DJ/producers and TV personalities, so find out how to develop your career whether it's through hospital radio, local radio presenting or record production.
You'll also find a resources section to help you locate DJ master mixes, DJ magazines, websites and DJ information, as well as lists of equipment suppliers.
What more could you want! Read this book and become the DJ you want to be!

Charles Slaney has been involved with the DJ and club business since 1969. In that time he has been a mobile and a club DJ, he has worked on the design and installation of sound systems, and has managed a retail DJ outlet. He has enthusiastically embraced all the technical innovations that have brought DJing into the 21st century.

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Computer Music Training @
Computer Music Training @
What can I learn? At Online Studios we are able to offer a wide range of courses, master-classes, and modules so if you're interested in music production, DJing or sound engineering we can teach you the very latest techniques and how to use all the tools & equipment involved. You can learn everything from EQ'ing, Compression, Mixing, Remixing, Vocal Production, Audio Editing right through to DJ techniques including Beat Matching, Juggling, Scratching, Computer DJ'ing & much more.
Resident Nerds
Resident Nerds
Dale getting his sound equipment ready and DJ Sublight laying out some grooves just prior to the start of the evening... So... Sheri-D has been bugging me for ages about photographing the folks out in the crowd at the local poetry slam along with photographing the performances... I at least made an attempt this time around... Although it still doesn't feel natural to me, funny when I do street photography quite naturally... *shrugs*

dj equipment computer
dj equipment computer
Native Instruments TRAKTOR DUO DJ Software
Using the experience of nearly a decade of TRAKTOR software research and development, TRAKTOR DUO is streamlined and focused to give DJs the essential features they need to spin digital. Boasting two state-of-the-art playback decks, a selection of professional-quality effects, an easy-to-use interface, and premium sound quality, TRAKTOR DUO puts the world's best-selling DJ software within easy reach no matter your experience or budget. At the heart of TRAKTOR DUO are two playback decks with plenty of useful and creative features, including auto beat grid and precise beat detection. The Sync Lock function makes sure that once tracks are beat-matched they will never drift out of time, and intelligent loop and cue functions even let you remix tracks on the fly.Both playback decks integrate a 3-band EQ and classic filters giving you complete control of your tracks' sound. For even deeper sonic transformations, TRAKTOR DUO software comes with six high-quality effects: tempo-synched filter, delay, flanger and reverb, as well as the unique beatmasher and gator effects—built with Native Instruments' groundbreaking REAKTOR technology. The high contrast, scalable fonts and intelligent grouping of graphic elements ensure an unparalleled ease of use and super-fast workflow. The intuitive Crate Flick search lets you visually flip through your collection by cover art—just like flipping through a record crate—making finding that next track both fun and easy.

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