Patrick Arnesen, Vancouver BC, May 2009

This page is dedicated to informing Canadians about some of the fantastic technologies we can use to solve the the world's coming energy and environmental crisis. Canadians are ideally placed to tackle this challenge and help the world reach a sustainable future - and it would be great for our economy too!

What every Canadian needs to know about energy

An executive summary of what Canada should do and why
Affordable Green Power For Canada

Other Articles Relating to Green Nuclear Power

Can Nuclear Power Really be Green?

Thorium Power (LFTR)

4 minute summary video

From the Thorium Energy Alliance

The Liquid Flouride Thorium Reactor. What Fusion Wanted to Be
A superb presentation on FLTR technology from an extremely credible source

Google Talk Video and Slides     About the Presenter

AIM High: Solving the Energy Crisis with Thorium Power
This is a great presentation that summarizes much of what I'm proposing

Google Talk Video and Slides (Non-techies should start at slide 18)   Aim High Homepage

Liquid Flouride Reactors: A New Beginning for an Old Idea
Another great presentation
Google Talk Video

Pebble Bed Power

Here's a good overview of pebble bed reactors
Pebbles Making Waves

MIT has been championing the pebble bed reactor for several years:
MIT Pebble Bed Reactor Homepage

Practical Solar and Wind Power

Concentrating Solar Power: Here's a video about company that's producing a 30% efficient solar collector. This isn't a prototype either. They're building a 500MW plant in the California dessert right now:
Stirling Energy Systems

With solar and wind, one challenge is moving the power from where it's produced to where it's needed. A high voltage DC grid would do the trick.
High Voltage DC Powerlines

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