Table Top Prize Wheel

table top prize wheel
    table top
  • (Table tops) Table Tops was a free daily newspaper produced for Australian Army personnel, published in the Atherton Tableland Training Area in Queensland, Australia, with regional editions produced abroad for serving personnel.
  • 1. A jump that is flat from the lip to the landing. 2. A BMX or mountain bike jumping trick where you flatten the bike out horizontally, like a table top, while you're flying through the air.
  • A jump on a track that is completely level or flat all the way across it from the lip to the landing.
  • choice: of superior grade; "choice wines"; "prime beef"; "prize carnations"; "quality paper"; "select peaches"
  • A thing, esp. an amount of money or a valuable object, that can be won in a lottery or other game of chance
  • Something of great value that is worth struggling to achieve
  • A thing given as a reward to the winner of a competition or race or in recognition of another outstanding achievement
  • hold dear; "I prize these old photographs"
  • something given for victory or superiority in a contest or competition or for winning a lottery; "the prize was a free trip to Europe"
  • A circular object that revolves on an axle and is fixed below a vehicle or other object to enable it to move easily over the ground
  • A circular object that revolves on an axle and forms part of a machine
  • Used in reference to the cycle of a specified condition or set of events
  • change directions as if revolving on a pivot; "They wheeled their horses around and left"
  • steering wheel: a handwheel that is used for steering
  • a simple machine consisting of a circular frame with spokes (or a solid disc) that can rotate on a shaft or axle (as in vehicles or other machines)
table top prize wheel - Black Tabletop
Black Tabletop Prize Wheel - Clicker Style
Black Tabletop Prize Wheel - Clicker Style
The Prize Wheel, new in concept, is unique in the breadth of its application. Use the Wheel to motivate your employees, reward your students for high achievement, draw traffic to your trade show booth, incentivize your sales people to reach their goals, celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and parties, recognize people for loyalty, dedication and achievement and build enthusiasm and excitement wherever and however you use it. Choose your own prizes and print them out on your desktop printer. Includes template on CD in both Microsoft Word and Adobe Illustrator formats. Your prizes can be cut-to-fit the slots perfectly and easily on 8 1/2" x 11" paper. A "cutout" template is also included.

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The Power of "Connecting"
The Power of "Connecting"
A clean-cut, lean and studious-looking young man crossed the stage and scanned the crowd of hundreds of strangers and judges with clip boards. Unlike the others who smoothed their suits and ties with a familiar ease, Colin Johnson would feel better to be behind the wheel of a tractor. But, remembering his late father's years of leadership, generations of sweat and dirt, and all the Iowa farmers who are rooting for one of their own, he muttered a little prayer to himself: "Let God's grace give me the words and peace in the moment, to remember what's important and be able to display that on stage." He took a deep breath, smiled and leaned into the microphone. Johnson came out on top in a tough field of professional talkers: lawyers, agribusiness leaders, grain marketers and others to win the coveted American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) Discussion Meet prize. The AFBF Discussion Meet is not a debate on ag knowledge, as much as a showcase of a Farm Bureau member's ability to hold and guide a conversation. With anti-ag activist agendas and regulation measures bearing down on agriculture, it's never been more important for farmers to be a part of a bigger conversation than the one going on every morning at the corner Cafe or local farmer's hangout. This conversation is going on now, globally, online, through social media and national media outlets. The 34-year-old Agency farmer's style is a welcome one in any public venue; he works to understand the people in a conversation. He listens. Colin's wife, Dawn, believed from the very beginning that Colin could win this whole thing because she knows how engaging he can be, even in the face of adversity or opposition. His conversation-starting acumen is how they met. Colin was having breakfast in Ames with friends, when he heard the conversation in the booth behind him turn to vegetarianism. Being the son of a third-generation Iowa hog farmer, he turned to share a different perspective. While he didn't change the mind of the vegetarian, he did change the mind of Dawn, who was impressed enough with the young man that she changed her mind about ‘never marrying a farmer'. Colin's winning discussion points covered the critical need for all farmers, to reach out and connect with consumers. Many of his fellow Discussion Meet candidates kept saying "We need to EDUCATE consumers about farming." Colin sees it another way: farmers need to be the ones to reach out and find common ground among those who share our values. “We have family in common,” he says. “I think of them when I raise pigs and grow corn and soybeans because I know it matters how farmers grow crops and raise animals. We're talking about food we put on the table for our family and yours; we're talking about land we all share and the watershed we all share." Johnson says it’s important to remember the big picture isn't about profit; it's about character. Johnson has come full circle. "I've been a longtime supporter of Farm Bureau and have learned a lot from them, but one of the reasons I belong to Farm Bureau is the strong moral, Christian foundation of the organization; we're serving a higher purpose by remembering we're all in this together." The Discussion Meet winner gets a Dodge pickup truck. With a growing family and more sweat equity than capital, it's a welcome prize. "I'll work with my wife to make sure we get one that will best suit the needs of our growing family. The color? Let's just say it'll be the color of dirt; it'll get used!" What's next for Colin Johnson? He doesn't have a quick answer, other than to continue to keep sharing what it means to be a farmer today. Let's all keep the conversation going... Laurie Johns is Public Relations Manager for the Iowa Farm Bureau.
Bedford Kenbrake Minbus(Left) & The Snail (Right)
Bedford Kenbrake Minbus(Left) & The Snail (Right)
"The Snail" - TOX 79H Morris Minor Caravan Conversion, lovingly known as The Snail. ~~~~ This beautiful and RARE CLASSIC VEHICLE has been seen at many a classic car show and has won many prizes from "Best in Class" to "Best in Show". The car has been lovingly dubbed "The Snail" because of her characteristic appearance and because she carries her home on her back. She provides both entertainment and fascination wherever she goes, whether it be the shops or a classic car event, there’s always a crowd wanting to take snapshots of her. If sight seeing is your dream, then travelling around in this classic and practical car gives you the freedom to do so whether it be Britain or abroad. ~~~~ Starting her life in 1970 as an Austin 6cwt Van, working for a Timber Merchant and then Brass Foundry, she has come a long way in getting to the vehicle, which you see today. The caravan conversion, which was carried out by a coachbuilder in 1984, gave the Snail her unique appearance, updated and modified over the years, until she had a major transformation by her current owner in 2005. As far as records go through MMOC and car clubs alike, she is the only vehicle which has had this kind of transformation applied to a Morris Minor. (Austin) ~~~~ She now boasts a double bed, sitting area for four with table, butane stove and grill, stainless steel sink with foot pump running water. Hooked up to both AC and DC electric, she is able to provide light and warmth wherever you take her. The portable fridge running off either form of electricity gives you the ability to camp on campsites or the wilderness where hook-ups are scarce. Ample storage space is provided beneath the caravan seats and the cupboards alike. ~~~~ The cab itself has been transformed into a tidy, and truly beautiful area to drive, and fully reconditioned Morris minor seats which slide giving you that little bit extra leg room. The dash adorns oil and temperature gauge as well as a clock, which are connected to your normal speedometer lights. The horn, petrol tank gauge, windscreen wipers, lights and everything else work perfectly, as does the flashing amber beacon on top of the cab roof. The indicator stalk with its green end blinks beautifully and emits a pleasing glow whilst night driving. ~~~~ The car or Caravanette, which she is classed as, is fuelled by unleaded petrol in her 1275cc engine and is alternator powered. She wears a tax disc dated 1971 and also one for the present day and is tax exempt because of her age. She has been very well cared for underneath with waxyol and routine joint and nipple greasing. She is easy to drive and not rear heavy as you would think, although the 13 leave suspension which was custom made for her may have something to do with that. ~~~~ The bodywork is beautiful., the new colour of the Snail has been painted Red & White hrome fixtures replaced both around and within the car. The cab interior is black and grey with red vinyl seats, whereas the caravan interior colour scheme is a seductive grey and purple. New widow seals have been fitted throughout both the caravan and cab and all windows, except windscreen and very rear have been tinted using professionally applied tint film. A spare wheel/tire has been fitted to the rear of the vehicle and she carries an original Morris Van Jack, incase of a breakdown.

table top prize wheel
table top prize wheel
16 Inch Dry Erase Spinning Prize Wheel
This is a new and drastically improved design. This Prize Wheels sturdy design is backed with a 1 YEAR REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE. New handcrafted 16 inch spinning prize wheel. Solid and sturdy construction with dual bearing hub and a stable base . The face is digitally printed and sealed with dry erase laminate. This is a true dry erase laminate that when used with a dry erase marker can be wiped clean with a dry cloth. (Fact about White Faced Wheels made from Melamine Board: Melamine is not a true dry erase surface and requires the use a liquid cleaner to remove dry erase marker.) Wheel is cut from 1/2 inch thick pressure treated particle board and fitted with wooden pegs for a great clicking sound. Dimensions: Wheel: Approx 15 1/2 inches in diameter Base: Approx 18 inches tall. 1 year replacement guarantee is included for wheels sold after 11/20/2010