Removing locking wheel nuts without key : 5th wheel landing gear

Removing Locking Wheel Nuts Without Key

removing locking wheel nuts without key
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How to (or how not to) remove locking wheel nuts. Some numpty put these back on with air gun. Wrecked the key trying to get them off and had to resort to the "Scouse tool" Please do not use this photograph or link to it from any website or forum without my express permission. I shall have it removed if I find it in use other than on Flickr without my permission.
The Dania Boot Trailer Wheel Lock Secured
The Dania Boot Trailer Wheel Lock Secured
Once installed The Dania Boot can not be removed or rotated. No shackels to cut and no space between lock and wheel for torch to do any damage. Installed in less than 10 seconds.

removing locking wheel nuts without key