8:30-9:00         Welcome, Breakfast, and sign in

NOTE: The agenda is flexible and will change based on the participants' needs.  Also, colleagues will stop by to introduce themselves and welcome you!

9:00-10:00              Creating community for teaching and learning (activity and introductions) Anniqua

1.      How can you relate the activity to your responsibilities on campus?

2.      What is an ice breaker that has worked for you?

3.      What would you like to cover in the next hour?

10:00-10:15   Break

10:15 -11:45     

Faculty will stay in 9-154
Your facilitator is Sarah Harmon
Staff will meet in the Library (Bldg 9-Floor 3)
Your Facilitator is Jo'an Rosario-Tanaka

11:45-12:00      Final Assessment and Next Steps

12:00-1:00      Lunch will be served at Cañada Vista

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