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Immigration Series IV 

Painted in 1981


"The Destination"

Immigration Series

Painted in 1975


 Spanish Lady Painting


Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

(location unknown)


Pioneer Elevator

This shows the plight of the small farmer against the giant co-op


Gainsborough, Saskatchewan

 in the Snow


Print of California Mission

Colorado, U.S.

Train Artist William Hobbs

(private collection)

A collector received this as a gift and said it is of Boissevain , Manitoba
(I can't seem to get it up right, sorry)


frame dimensions are 22” x 26”,  inside frame dimensions 15 ½“ x 19 ½”; Boissevain, Manitoba, For Sale $8500

Painted by Bill Hobbs famous Canadian Train Artist

"Forty Below Zero"

Gainsborough, Saskatchewan circa 1978

Saskatchewan Artist William Hobbs

Winner of Major Canadian Art Show
$50,000.00 for sale



Komar Family Collection    


Swift Current, Saskatchewan

Prairie Artist William Hobbs

Canadian Forces Base Shilo, Manitoba

Revenue Canada

 Private Collection 2000


Wakopa, Manitoba

Komar Family Collection

Manitoba Artist William Hobbs

 Train Artist William Hobbs

Regina Legislature, Will Family Collection (12 X 13)


Margaret (40X30) Painted 2004

Collection of Dr. Lillian Beeson and John Smith

  of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Britannia HMS, 1986 

Boissevain, Manitoba

(original in private colection)

Boissevain, MB 

Napinka, Manitoba
(private collection, prints available)

Esterhazy Flour Mill

Esterhazy Saskatchewan

By Prairie Artist William Hobbs

Salton Sea, California

This natural salt geyser is in 
the Salton sink, near Palm Springs.  It produced a pure sea salt from salt geyser that erupted every night.  It was flooded by a breach in the Colorado River forming the Salton sea--eighty feet deep.  Two English men were looking for gold in the gold rush, they never found any.  They were headed South when they heard the geyser, they could hear it from 10 miles away.  The salt was being shot into the air and then dropped down on a four mile square forming four to six inches of pure salt.  Sometimes the geysers were so violent they produced 18 inches of salt.  They then built the two narrow gauge railwayand put a rake between them.  The salt was raked up by Japanese workers.  They put it in piles and took it on flat cars to the refinery, but it was so pure it seldom needed refining.  They shipped it on the Southern Pacif
ic Railway from Indio to San Francisco, California where it was shipped all over the world.  They found white gold.  The springs are still under the Salton sea but the weight of the water stops the eruptions.  In Hobbs opinion the sea should be drained and salt refining continued as nature never wanted it to be a nature sanctuary for birds.  Today the birds are dying from the salt and being lured into the fake sea.  It was formerly a salt desert; Hobbs painted this to encourage its return to its original state.  There are many, many myths about this area and Dr. Hobbs painted this painting in search of the truth that is now lost.



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