Who is the Master Painter of Railways?

Canadian Artist Dr. William G. Hobbs

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 Bill Hobbs, famous Canadian Artist

In 2006, at 79, Hobbs painted 8 hours a day at his studio in Manitoba.

 Hobbs standing in front of the hospital and his car.  He would later do a painting of his Chromium Plated Dream.  Its on the site in the Collector's catalog.


Hobbs wins First Place for model train he built at Santa Barbara, Big Train Show on the Queen Mary


 In the 1970's he painted at his studio in Gainsborough 4 hours a day and did a painting of each of his children, one is on the wall behind him.  Hobbs is a pioneering prairie artist.  He is credit with opening the first art school on the prairies, in Gainsborough, Saskatchewan.

Back in the 1970s he had some big art shows, but there was no train art.

He spent his time taking care of his patients as a British surgeon turned country doctor, but all the while he loved trains and painting, but it was not until his seventh decade in life that he put the two passions together and started really painting trains.  He always loved model trains and now he has finally found his element! 

First Artist Ever Introduced to Saskatchewan Legislature: 

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Introduction to Saskatchewan Legislature 

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Who collects and commissions his art?

H.M. Queen Elizabeth II, Buckingham Palace
Mitsubishi Limited, Japan
Marubeni Limited
Tohoku Electric Power of Japan
The Schenley Archives
Mercedes Benz
President Mitterand of France
The Yacht Club, Port Isabel, Texas

The Saskatchewan Legislature
Numerous Museums throughout Canada

Canadian Forces Base Shilo, Manitoba
Singer Bobby Curtola

Bobby Curtola's Manager
The Canadian Embassy in London
The Schumacher Collection  (Mackenzie Art Gallery)
Former Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan, the Honourable Sylvia Olga Fedoruk  
Canada's Oldest Club The Assiniboia Club 
Pasqua Hospital
Sipiweske Museum,Wawanesa
Cando, Brandon, Manitoba
Lots of people who love trains and want original art including everyday Canadians who work hard  and appreciate the history of Canada!

Where has he studied art? 
Banff School of Fine Arts
West of England Academy of Art
University of Saskatchewan
Gainsborough School of Art (founder)
Pan American International Art School

  The Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan

Restoration of Gainsborough Railway and current restoration projects: 

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Artist Bill Hobbs

     Gainsborough, Saskatchewan incorporated his masterpiece "Forty Below Zero" into the town sign.  In 1978, he was asked to paint 10 more like it for an East Coast museum and he told them "You have to live in a place 20 years to understand Forty Below Zero and it took me two years to paint it.  I can't paint it again ever."  This is now his best selling print and has appeared in television and films over the years.  Click to enlarge the sign for a glimpse at his finest painting ever.  He posed for the photo in 2005.


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