Master Painter of Railways

Canadian Artist William G. Hobbs
Self Portrait of Dr. Hobbs at Qu'Appelle Valley, Saskatchewan

A favorite place! 

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The original Destination of Dreams

is being offered for sale

for the price on the official appraisal. 

A rare original is for sale inquiries accepted at the email below.  SOLD 

Regina, Saskatchewan  1892-1911

Destination of Dreams

Canadian Pacific Railway Station
Commission 2008

The appraised price in 2013 was $8000.00.

In addition to the original painting,  100 signed reproductions

(#1 to #100)

are for sale at one-fourth of the appraisal

of $200 per print. The total price of the 100 reproductions is $5000.00.   Individual prints are sold for $200 each  which includes shipping.  

Kindly contact

for more information.

     Morden, Manitoba

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     William Hobbs is Canada's most famous train artist.  The demand for his paintings was so great, Hobbs was painting nearly every waking moment.  It took months to create one single painting.  Hobbs studied art in England, Canada, and the U.S. for many years.  Each painting was carefully planned and researched with extreme enthusiasm.  He painted in layers of paint like the old masters. You won't mistake his snow for cotton candy.  It takes a long time to paint snow.  Hobbs was obsessed with painting snow and did much of it with a brush with one hair taking the canvas outside and into many different lights to try to get right.   You have to see snow for years to understand it.   Some paintings even have a little gravel from the real location on the canvas and in the right light, you'll be taken back in time to the wonderful era of trains.  He always hoped you'd enjoy this website with a cup of coffee and time to relax and enjoy the journey into his art where you catch a train and go into the station. 


  All Aboard! The train is about to depart.

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