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Joyce Hitchcock
staff (music) 1963

I was back working at Church of All Nations in NYC having had this marvelous summer with friends from college and my hometown, (Peggy, Harvey, Linda Cleveland, Joan Zitzelman ). It was such a special summer sharing this new adventure with them. And it is just a song that expressed my feelings about how nice it was and how I was missing people at that moment,

Missing Friends (aka Peggy's Song, wordless)boomp3.com

Peggy (PAR) Richardson

Ann Feitelson

(camper 1960-66 but not ‘63)

"It's Blossoms All the Way Down"

"The name of the block is Sawtooth. Lifetime accomplishment is big idea to get around...but for me it has to do with having faith in myself, patience with myself, and seeing things through. I never could have made this quilt years ago when I gave up all to easily."

Jill Targer Levy

(Camper, 1954-1959)

Beneath the Surface

Silk on Canvas

Imagine you are under water... perhaps a tropical fish, looking for a nice, quiet place to hide. Here it is!

"I enjoy the simplicity of "just add water" as the basic rule of watercolor painting....I admire the lucent quality, and welcome..."happy accidents"....

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