2007 Trickey Pond Can-Can

photo courtesy Patti Pike Downs


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Karen Heiman Jacobson and Ellen Leef -Sherrow

Margie Merkin Elsberg and Sue Seder Joseph

Retirement Plan 101: Finding Wenonahites

 by Karen Heiman Jacobson

Camper 1952-58, CIT 1959, Counselor 1960.

    What does one do after retirement?   I began to brainstorm ideas.  The one that kept coming back to me was finding women who went to Wenonah.  Most of us changed our names when we married, which made a difficult task even more difficult.  But, what I counted on was the power of the Internet, and e-mail.

    I knew the whereabouts of some camp friends, and knew they had kept in touch with others.  I enlisted their help and one by one, we added names to the list.  We found Wendy Post Moreton in Hawaii and Linda Post in California.  When the list reach 100, we decided to plan a reunion.  Ellen Leef-Sherrow offered to host the reunion in New York City, and in October of 2004 the first Wenonah alumnae reunion was held.  Fifty-two women were there to reminisce and sing camp songs.  We phoned Herman and sang camp and counselor show songs to him.  At  age 91 he was still living on his own in Sarasota, Florida.

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Wendy's 2004 NYC  slideshow


    After that reunion we began to find counselors, who were as happy as we were to be found.  Once found, Pat Soares put her many college contacts to use for alumna offices and located many more of us and it snowballed!

    More and more we talked about a reunion in Maine.  Jane Lichtman generously offered her camp, Tapawingo, in Sweden, Maine (just north of Naples) for a venue.  So, in August, 2005 and again in 2007, 45 campers and counselors slept on cots in bunks, ate in the dining room, sat around the campfire, swam, played tennis and golf, laughed, sang, looked at pictures and old Summersalts and went back to Wenonah, now a part of Skylemar.

    Margie Merkin Elsberg lovingly edited new Summersalts for each reunion.  Susie Seder Joseph expertly designed tee shirts.

    And, now, thanks to Ruth Passweg Dunkle, there is a Wenonah web site.  If you went to Wenonah, please contact one of us so we can add YOU to the Camp Wenonah Alumnae List.

    So, as the song goes-  “Any where we wander, any where we roam, Wenonah your memories will linger with us, for you have been our home”.  Who says you can’t go home again?  More than 250 women have.


The First Reunion 

By  Ellen Leef-Sherrow

    For those of us who fell in love with Wenonah over many years, the inchoate dreams of “going back” and doing it all over again became a reality when we had our first official, Wenonah reunion in October 2004.

    Karen Heiman, a fantastic private eye did most of the sleuthing along with Susie Seder and Margie Merkin.  I was thrilled to be able to throw open my apartment to Wenonahites and help me fulfill my fantasies of bringing us together and reliving the glorious days of camp.  Apparently I was not the only one who never let go of the Wenonah dreams;  people came from as far away as Hawaii (Wendy Post) and California (Linda Post, Sandi Jappe and Carol Spielman) and Kentucky (Carol Fleischaker and Mary Moss) to sing, cheer and fondle photographs brought by many and so lovingly displayed by Susie Seder and ….

    We began our reunion on Friday evening with a pre-dinner scream fest in the rooms and hallways of the  Blakely hotel where the incomers stayed. We had a progressive cocktail hour, traveling from room to room grabbing drinks and hors d’oeuvres and finally settled down and began to catch up, (which for some of us meant years of ignorance) on marriages, children, grandchildren, jobs and health. The main course was at a restaurant up the block from my apartment where we had a semi private back space. After more drinks and more hors d'oeuvres we began to quietly  sing some famous Wenonah songs (OK,  and some cheers, too) and although we needed little encouragement, we found that the strangers at nearby tables thought we were terrific and they  raised their glasses to us and asked for more which we were happy to oblige!  The really great news is that we remembered the words of the songs!! At some point, after too much food and yummy desserts, we dispersed for the rest of the night to prepare for the real reunion.

    We reassembled at my apartment and quickly got into the spirit of the day’s activities. To no one’s surprise, Margie Merkin won the jacks, pick-up-sticks and mumbletypeg (don’t ask) contest. She has not only retained all these skills but can also get down and up from the floor as easily as she did 50 years ago!!

    We got together again for breakfast at my apartment the following morning to extend the magic as long as possible. Wendy and Linda were able to share more details about Herman’s last years than most of us knew. The caring and compassion revealed provided a moving and healing conversation for all of us who had known and loved Herman.

    For all those naysayers who say, “You can’t go back,” “you need to move forward,” or “you can’t go home again,” we say we can and we did!

    (And a good time was had by all)….