Camp Photos

We were young once 

Do you have photos you’d like to share? We'd be happy to receive them and will post them here. Please scan or send pictures .  We can scan negatives, color and B/W as well as slides and paper. All original pictures will be returned.  If possible identify who/what the picture shows.

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Courtesy of Chris  Barnard Davis

  Arts and Crafts

 Around the Piano

Tootie and Murph

 Annie Nichols and Pat Soares

Thanksgiving 1964


 Oneida Klus, Ruth Passweg,Ruth"Robbie" Robertson,  in Huntington,LI, NY. Patti Pike who took the pictures and Barbara "Dewey" Clifford were also there. Ruth  Passweg denies this event ever took place, even though it was at her parents' house.