Welcome to the free conference call series: Media Strategies for Sustainability

  • Do you want to increase your positive media coverage?
  • Do you want to build a positive reputation for your campus?
  • Do you want to help educate the public about sustainability?
  • Do you want to learn more about what other institutions are doing?

Here is an opportunity for you to share and learn successful strategies for media engagement; to increase local and national coverage of sustainability efforts at your institution; and to learn more about innovations and learning from other institutions.

Discussion topics will include:

  • How institutions are successfully communicating sustainability efforts and concepts to the media, general public, campus media, community stakeholders, and funders.
  • How to build relationships between campus public relations office and sustainability efforts; and how to create a coordinated higher education sustainability media network.

Who should participate?

  • Media Relations and Public Affairs staff
  • Staff and Faculty working on sustainability within higher education
  • Institutions and Higher Education Associations
  • Others interested in this topic

Benefits of participation:

  • Gain better media coverage by learning new techniques and tools that enhance visibility
  • Position your sustainability efforts on campus as a competitive advantage for your institution
  • Educate the community about sustainability (colleges and universities as models for society)

How to Participate?

See information about upcoming Learning Sessions. Stay tuned for the next session in Spring 2010. If you register, we'll contact you with details.

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