Our Partners

Campus Kiva has partnered with the following organizations to provide you with further opportunities to get involved


Our mission is to expand student awareness and support of microfinance around the world. 

As a global microfinance network composed of highschool and university microfinance clubs, microfinance institutions (MFIs), and dedicated microfinance supporters, we provide information about microfinance and connect clubs and MFIs so that they can better support microfinance. For more information visit their website


Student-run Stanford group, adding some ingenuity and creativity to microfinance.

In 2007, they sponsored the Gumball Challenge, “a microentrepreneurship benefit competition designed to inspire entrepreneurship for social impact.” Each team receives a $27 loan and 27 gumballs and must create as much as value as possible; profits are used to finance loans through Kiva. For more info, check out Gumball Capital.

In the coming year, Kiva too will offer the Gumball Challenge as one of the opportunities for our chapters to raise loans. We really encourage you to participate in the challenge as it is a fun and innovative way to raise loans, so let us know if you’d like to get involved!

London-based organization that provides loans to women in Malawi, Zambia, and the Philippines.
Their US branch is located in Boston and has been working to educate students about microfinance and development issues. Kiva will partner with MicroLoan USA to create four Boston-area chapters at Harvard, MIT, Boston College and Tufts University.
Collaborating with them extends beyond just raising funds for loans; they offer instruction on issues relating to poverty and about the field of development. They’re tying two worlds together via social networking technology, which lets those in the US get a glimpse of life in African villages.
They have a strong foundation in the academic world, in Cambridge and in Malawi, to push research forward on microfinance.  Their education materials are well developed and can provide a richer experience for our chapters—not just in Boston, but nationwide. Let us know if you would like to see some of the things they have to offer. For more information, visit: MicroLoan Foundation

One Hen is the story of a West African boy, Kojo, who receives a small loan to buy a hen, and takes flight as an entrepreneur. He moves gradually from poverty to well-being to provider, creating opportunities for others. It’s the story of how the world undergoes change, one person, one family, and one community at a time.

Since the publication in the Spring of 2008, One Hen has evolved from an inspirational story, to a service-learning tool. Teachers, librarians, and other school community leaders in the US, Canada, and the UK are using One Hen to teach math, social studies, reading, world resources and more through the lenses of financial literacy, youth entrepreneurship, youth philanthropy and global citizenship. Learn the One Hen story by visiting their fun and interactive website.

Campus Kiva has partnered with One Hen to provide opportunities for our chapters to get more involved with their communities by teaching the One Hen story in local schools

StartingBloc  educates, empowers and connects emerging leaders to drive positive social change across sectors.Through our renownedInstitute for Social Innovationcontinuing education programs and networking opportunities, StartingBloc brings the latest innovations in corporate social responsibility and social entrepreneurship to emerging leaders. The organization holds conferences three times a year in Boston, New York, and London. For more information, or to apply for one of their programs, visit their website.

Young People For
The Young People For fellowship is a leadership development program focusing on identifying, engaging and empowering young leaders to effect positive change on their campuses and in their communities. The one-year fellowship equips college students with the skills and resources necessary to bring about positive change on their campuses and in their communities. Throughout the fellowship, you’ll be offered financial support, technical support and media assistance while implementing a selfdesigned Blueprint for Social Justice project.
Campus Kiva has entered into a strategic partnership with YP4 and is encouraging students involved with Campus Kiva to apply for the fellowship. If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, we can guide you through the application process. This is a great way to get your chapter started and to make it stronger! For more information about the fellowship, visit: Young People For