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The Coolest Staff Ever!


Want to have a blast this summer?
So, you must be interested in becoming a staff member at Camp Tippy? 
You wouldn't want to miss this opportunity.... SO MUCH FUN!
(Download the summer staff packet below!)

All About Camp Tippy Staff

Rebecca Scott      Camp Tippy Director
This is Rebecca's 50th year in camping.  She has been a camper, cabin leader, camp director (at Indian Creek Camp, Camp Koinonia, and Camp Tippy) cook, registar, nurse, and so much more. Twenty- nine of those years in camping have been as a Camp Director. The little time she spends away from camp, Rebecca enjoys spending time with her grandsons, Quentin and Keagan.

Jessica Taylor      Head Cook
This is Jessica's 5th year as cook at Camp Tippy.  She has spent her whole life in camping.  As she grew up at Indiana Creek Camp, directed Trailblazers Camp, cabin leader, and registar.  She spends her time away from camp as a Special Education Teacher, playing with her two sons, Quentin and Keagan, and reading. 

Chris Dykhuisen      Office Staff
This is Chris's 4th year working in the office at Camp Tippy. He helps with registration, the camp store and some of the many other things Rebecca needs done. During the rest of the year, Chris works as a school psychologist in the local school district and enjoys working at various school events and spending time with friends.

Quentin Taylor     Camp Grandson
This is Quentin's 10th year at camp.  He enjoys getting to know the new campers and staff each year.  Quentin has made lots of new friends from around the world at camp.  While at camp, he helps where needed and hangs out with the campers. 

Keagan Taylor     Camp Grandson
This is Keagan's 6th year at camp.  His favorite thing about camp is all the new people.  Keagan loves to be a "lifeguard" and help the new campers around the camp.  

Lizzy Deeds           Media Specialist
This will be Lizzy's second year at Camp Tippy. She is a very bubbly person and is willing to help  out anyone to the best of her ability. She loves disney and being a kid. Her favorite part about Camp Tippy is playing with all the camp grand children. 

Dan Barr                     Lifeguard
This is Dan’s 13th year on the Camp Tippy staff, for all thirteen of them he has been either a lifeguard or been heavily involved at the waterfront. Not only has he spent many years on staff, but also spent many more before that as a camper. He also helps in the chapel and sometimes at the evening campfires by rocking out on his guitar. When he is not at Tippy he is a full time missionary with Wycliffe Bible Translators in the Philippines where he and his wife, Brittany, serve as teachers at a missionary school in Davao City. He also spends lots of his free time with his one year old son,
Brittany Barr
Camp Tippy has been my second home for many years. First as a camper and then on staff. I actually met the love of my life at camp. It is also where I felt led to go into missions and work with youth. I enjoy helping out wherever I can at camp and spending time with my camp family.

Thomas Barr Camp Grandson
Thomas has enjoyed being the camp baby and is looking forward to fulfilling that roll again this summer. He loves watching the kids play and making them smile. Now that he is on the move, he will probably try to get in on the action this summer!

Aaron Steers              Lifeguard
This is Aaron's second year on staff and has been a camper here for many years. He is the guy who you see double of because his twin brother also works on staff too. He is good at asking questions to and if he doesn't know the answer he will find it for you. HIs favorite part about Camp Tippy is the carpet ball and being around his camp friends. 

Jarrod Steers             Lifeguard
This is Jarrod's second year on staff and has been a camper here for many years. He is the guy who you see double of as well. He is good at listening and following instructions. His favorite part about Camp Tippy is the atmosphere that it brings to him when he comes here. 

Val Wisler                   Lifeguard 
This is Val's first year on staff and has been a camper here for many years. He can be quiet at times but can also talk your ear off. He loves sports and is always willing to jump in for a game. His favorite part about Camp Tippy is 

Jackie Hensley          House Keeping  
This is Jackie's first year on staff, but she has been around Camp Tippy since she was young. Her favorite part of the camp is chapel.When Jackie isn't at camp, she is a student at the University of Indianapolis. After graduation she plans to have a career in criminal psychology. 

Sandra Barr                Assistant Cook 
This is Sandra's 1st year on staff. She was brought into the camp family by her husband Robert Barr. When at home, she is busy caring for her two daughters Violet and Aislynn. Her favorite part about Camp Tippy is having all the good company around. 

Violet Barr                  Camp Granddaughter 
She loves being at camp! Making new friends, playing on the playground, exploring, and getting dirty.  She's eager to learn new things and help out ! 

Aislynn Barr               Camp Granddaughter 
Aisie is enjoying her time at camp. She hangs out with the staff a lot and laughs at their funny faces. She's the one to bring smiles to anyone around. 

Phyllis                         Nurse 
Phyllis has been the camp nurse for 8 years. She loves to be around the kids and help out. Also her kids have attended camp when they were younger and now her grandson Malachi will be attending camp soon. 

Jeremy Scott              Maintenance 
Jeremy has been here at the camp for 12 years and grew up in the camp ministry as the directors son. He is a hard worker and likes to farm in his spare time. His favorite thing about Camp Tippy is getting to see all the kids.  


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