Become a Friend of Camp Tippy

Donate to Camp Tippy:

15 Ways YOU CAN Become a FRIEND of Camp Tippy:
  1. Local Church Budgets – to support both camps equally, make sure that “Ministry of Camping at Tippecanoe is included in your congregation’s annual mission budget, or support the camp of your choice by making it a line item in your mission budget.
  2. Special church offerings Your congregation may receive a special offering in support of one of both of the camps.
  3. Designated personal gifts You may make a personal gift through your church to support camping ministries by designating your gift to one or both of the camps.
  4. Direct gifts to a specific camp ministry—you may make a gift to any one of the American Baptist camps in our region by mailing your check directly to that camp ministry.
  5. Gift for a special project/need – Both camps have a “NEEDS LIST” of special projects and needs to which any individual, group, or church may contribute. Contact the camps (Tippecanoe 574-834-4184) to receive a “NEEDS LIST.”
  6. Work Projects – Support of camp ministry is not confined to financial gifts. Any individual or church group can get involved “hands on” with a special work project at either one of our camps. Contact each camp directly to see how you can help.
  7. Donation of assets – Gifts of stock, mutual fund shares, and other material assets may be contributed to the ABC/IN-KY Region and designated to one or both camps. Contact the executive minister, Larry Mason (317-635-3552, ext. 224) for assistance with making such a donation.
  8. IRA contributions – During 2007, individuals over the age of 70 ½ may make a contribution to any charity directly from his or her IRA. This type of contribution would be make to the ABC/IN-KY Region and designated to one or both camps. Contact the executive minister, Larry Mason (317-635-3552, ext. 224) for assistance with making such a donation.
  9. Involvement in a special ministry of activity—each of our regional camps needs volunteers to help with certain activities and ministries. The Camp ministry is highly “labor intensive,” which means that we need our time and abilities as much as your financial gifts. Contact each camp directly to find out how you can be involved in their work.
  10. Service on a Camp Committee—each individual camp ministry had its own Steering Committee. Each committee is a group composed of church members, pastors, and alumni, who together bring a rich variety of skills to the important task of enabling our ministry. We could not function without them.
  11. Donations of supplies and/or material goods—each camp uses a wide variety of resources fulfilling their purpose. We are always grateful for gifts of supplies and material resources – paper products, kitchen supplies, cleaning supplies, and office materials—that are essential to our ministries. Contact each camp to receive a list. All we ask is that the materials donated be new or in excellent condition.
  12. Planned gifts—you may want to support camp ministry through your estate plans. In fact, this is an excellent way to make sure our camps remain viable for future generations of young people. The gift would be made to the ABC/IN-KY Region and designated for one or both camps. For help creating such as estate gift, please contact the associate executive minister, Don Scott (317-635-3552, ext. 228).
  13. PRAYER—and of course you may always support the work of the Ministry of Camp in our ABC/IN-KY Region through prayer. Pray for us in your church worship services, your Sunday school classes, your various small groups, and in your personal devotions. Your prayers are essential and greatly valued.
  14. YOUTH-- Support your youth groups! Encourage them to attend a week of camp and help by providing them with the resources they need to experience a powerful camp experience.