Just the Two of Us and Fiona the Fearless Kitty

Retired and fulltiming in a 2014 Roadtrek CS Adventurous. We follow the nice weather around the country. Home is where you park it.

Back when we lived in north Florida, we would watch the sandhill cranes, who would winter on the prairie south of town.  Every spring as the weather warmed they would get restless, and a few would start circling high overhead, calling to the others, until they would all form up and take off northward, up the Mississippi flyway, out over the northern plains, some of them all the way up to Alaska. And every year I would stand there in the parking lot at work, watching them disappear off into the distance, and then turn and go back into my gray cubicle, promising myself that one day, I too would be able to spread my wings on a warm spring breeze, and fly away across a vast and mysterious continent...

...look, ma, I'm flying!

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