When I look back at my IT career, working and talking with great people, I have realised there is nothing as good as empowered people communicating closely together solving problems. If you think back of the best projects you have been part of, it is almost certainly those projects were you as a team were empowered to take responsibility.

This is the reason I bought Stora Nyteboda (in the beginning co-owned by my great friends Claus & Pia) in 2001 turning the house into a project house. Having a team working in an environment like this, not being disturbed, they will develop nothing but good things. When I later the same year first heard about Scrum I realised there is something bigger here, something interesting and promising.

In Nyteboda I have however not been able to get a good internet connection over the years which have prevented it from being a true Scrum Team environment. This should however be solved in the summer of 2014, as there will be a 100 Mb fiber broadband connection, making it a true "House of Scrum".

This will not prevent me from conducting Scrum classes before as mobile internet connection is now good enough for working with emails.

Therefore, conducting Scrum classes in an environment like this will be hard to surpass. Having Esther Derby and me me as facilitators for the class, and teams who take responsibility and behave like teams being co-located, is the "Art of the Possible" when it comes to training.


Jens Ostergaard