Whats "NEW" at Sagonaska

Camp Sagonaska Gets "WIRED"
    On Aug.4th, 2016 members of the "Ontario Electrical League" completed a community service project at Camp Sagonaska. All buildings were wired for LED lights and outlets with power for the longhouse being provided by the camps 4500 watt generator. The project coordinator Mr. Doug Scott from the OEL, also a licensed electrical inspector and past "Scouter" spent approximately 3 months planning and executing this project. Electrical permits were donated by the "ESA", all materials were donated by Guillevin Internatiional and Sesco (a division of Sonepar). licensed electricians from contractor Electrix Electric and individual electricians from Ron Finkle Electric, Horwood Electric, Stewart Electric, Parallel Electric, Mike Hunter Electric and Anything Electric volunteered their time to complete the installation. Many thanks go out to Mr. Scott for working with me when I pitched this idea to him 3 months ago, and all the individuals who made it happen. Our community is a better place to live thanks to your volunteer efforts and you have made this camp a better place for the youth inside and outside our community. Not only Boy Scouts but Girl Guides, Army Cadets, Air Cadets, Sea Cadets, Service Youth Organizations and Service clubs will benefit greatly from this upgrade to the camp. Once again "THANKYOU" from all who utilize this youth camp.    Don Sinclair - Camp Chief



New subcamp cooking pits constructed of galvanized window wells bolted together with galvanized nuts, washers and bolts. Maintenance and rust free, lawn chair height and user friendly. Size is 49 in. square and 18 inches high, buried in the ground 4 inches. backfilled with sand and topped with gravel. Plenty of room to cook, place hot items on the gravel and fireproof to the environment.