Camp Safety

Safety At Sagonaska Is Always A #1 Priority
  • annual fire/propane/wet tech inspections completed annually
  • smoke/CO2 alarms/fire extinguishers inspected annually
  • 9-1-1 address clearly posted and visible at all building exits
  • evac/fire escape plans posted in all rooms in all buildings
  • camp map posted in all buildings
  • fire extinguishers mounted at all building exits
  • large "Emergency Exit" signs posted above all emergency exits
  • wireless interconnected smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • new cement board above/behind propane lights
  • new cement board above CSA approved fire places
  • fire rated metal garbage cans
  • emergency numbers posted in all buildings
  • fire escape/evacuation plans registered with Tweed Fire Department
  • CSA approved air horn (120db) sounding devices located in all buildings for evacuation alarm