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Booking Camp Sagonaska

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Quinte Conservation Policy and Guideleines

On November 1st on a yearly basis the secondary gate to the park located south of the parking lot is closed until spring of the following year. The conservation Authority does this to protect the public who use the facilities for cross-country skiing, snowshoes, horseback riders and families pulling their children on sleds in the winter time. As well this protects the road which is aging. Scouts Canada has an agreement with the Conservation Authority to have our lock interconnected with the Conservations lock so that we have the ability to bring in groups gear and food for the weekend as well allow emergency vehicles access to the camp when required. You must immediately lock the gate behind you once you have entered the Conservation Area. Under no circumstances is the gate to be left open. If you drive into the camp on Friday or Saturday your vehicle is there until you leave on Sunday. If you need access to your vehicle anytime during the weekend you must park in the Conservation parking lot and walk into the camp ( 12 to 15 minute walk one way).

After the first snowfall Scouts Canada's lock is bypassed and we no longer have vehicle access to the camp. But each group using the camp during this time period may bring a 4-wheeler or snow sled to transport gear and food to the camp. You may also use the 4-wheeler or snow sled for medical emergencies only to ferry persons back to the parking lot. If you are caught by the conservation authority rangers joyriding, the ranger has the power to seize the vehicle, fines may be imposed and we loose this privledge.

Under both of the above your are to drive on the road only, speed limit is 10mph and be aware of the public and animals on your travels

Don Sinclair, Camp Properties Manager
Algonquinte Area, White Pine Council