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Booking Camp Sagonaska

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Quinte Conservation Policy and Guideleines

        As of March 21, 2019 the interior road in the Vanderwater Conservation Area will be closed to the public permanently, the secondary gate will be locked year round. Camp Sagonaska will still have access to the interior road. The camp lock will be interlocked with the Conservation Authority lock so that we can drive into the camp. It is mandatory that once you unlock and open the gate, enter the interior road, you must lock the gate immediately behind you so that no public vehicles enter the conservation area.

        It is recommended that if your group is going out, set up an arrival time period on Friday night/Saturday morning and a departure time period on Sunday morning. Have somebody at the gate for that entire time period to let the scouting group vehicles in and out. Close the gate after each vehicle has passed thru the gate. After the time period has passed permanently lock the gate. Ensure no public vehicles enter the park.
        From the 2nd weekend in May (mothers day weekend) to the last weekend in November groups may drive into the camp. From the 1st weekend in December to the 1st weekend in May you may not drive into the camp. Groups will be allowed one skidoo or one quad to transfer gear from the parking lot to the camp upon arrival and departure. The skidoo or quad must remain parked except for medical emergencies to transfer persons to the parking lot. If you are caught joy riding on the vehicle you will be fined by the Conservation authority and the vehicle will be seized. Adhere to the 10 MPH speed limit and be prepared to stop at any time as members of the public will be on the road cycling, horseback riding, cross-country skiing or walking their children/dogs.

        From the Conservations main parking lot it is a 12 minute walk down the interior road to the camp. Parking passes will be made available to all scouting vehicles parked in the parking lot to avoid getting ticketed.

Don Sinclair, Properties Manager
Scouts Canada, Camp Sagonaska
White Pine Council, Algonquinte Area