Scouting Tools

This page provides a list of links to tools useful for scouting activities at camp.
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NameShort DescriptionWhere to get it
NameShort DescriptionWhere to get it
Animal Tracks Common Animal Tracks Animal Tracks 
Audubon Birds of North America Audubon Birds of North America Google App Audubon Birds of North America Google App 
Bird Identification Wheel Simple Bird Identification Wheel (Paper) Bird Identification Wheel 
Bird NestWatch Identify birds by nest Bird NestWatch by Cornell Lab Google App Bird NestWatch by Cornell Lab Google App 
GPS - How to Use, the Basics Information on how a GPS works and Haw to use it. Along with what it does not do for you. LoowerGear - How to use a GPS 
Leaf Identifier Wheel Tool to compare leaves to pictures and identify the tree type Leaf Identifier Wheel (Paper) 
Merlin Bird ID by Cornell Lab Merlin Bird ID by Cornell Lab Google App Merlin Bird ID by Cornell Lab Google App 
Ontario Wildflowers App Ontario Wildflowers Google App Ontario Wildflowers Google App 
PlantNet Plant Identification Has various databases for different locations. Be sure to download the correct DB (Canada) PlantNet Plant Identification Google App 
Pocket Tracker App - Google Pocket Tracker with limited number of Tracks Pocket Tracker App - Google 
Tree ID app - My Tree by NRCan Canadian Tree Identifier for Google Apps My Tree by NRCan Google App 
Tree Leaf Identification Keys Identification key of the principal trees in Quebec's urban regions. Is this tree a conifer or a deciduous tree? Tree Leaf Identification Keys 
Trees Inside Out Excellent site with games and detailed information on identifying trees. Trees Inside Out 
US Army Survival Guide App version of the US Army Survival Guide book Army Survival Guide - Google App 
Wilderness Survival Traps Wilderness Survival Traps - Google App Wilderness Survival Traps - Google App 
Showing 15 items