The Otter Lake Management Committee (OLMC) was created in 2013 under the Heritage Area Commissioner with the mandate to ensure the camp meets necessary governance and a year-round outdoor camping venue that offers a wide range of youth development opportunities and experiences in line with Scouts Canada’s established youth programs, mission and values while protecting the Otter Lake Scout Camp (OLSC) property’s natural wilderness aspects.

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The Purpose (Mission)

To maintain an infrastructure to facilitate year round scouting programs in a variety of settings accessible to all ages and skill levels while still protecting the OLSC property’s natural wilderness characteristics.

These are the targets we want to meet

  • Delivery of a Business Plan - January 2014
  • Delivery of a Projects list - April 2014
  • Delivery of a Implementation Plan(s) - May 2014
  • Compliance with Scouts Canada standards - September 2014
  • Compliance with Provincial and Federal Standards - September 201


The OLMC has established the following key objectives for over the next five years that will serve to maintain as well as improve the OLSC and surrounding property:
  • Identify and prioritize camp and property improvements and to develop an action plan to carry out;
  • Highlight and promote Scout Canada program activities that the OLSC is capable of providing;
  • Promote and increase bookings and usage of the OLSC facilities within Heritage Area as well as other area groups with the objective to double the number of groups using OLSC within the next 3-5 years;
  • Explore usage by other youth groups (i.e. Guides, Les Scouts)
  • Develop measures to ensure all campers have a safe environment in all buildings as well as the property and waterfront;
  • Promote and maintain wilderness aspects and features of the OLSC property;
  • To develop a number of campsites and patrol sites of different size and formats to accommodate different camping styles (ex. Hike in to more car accessible sites);
  • To be able to host 2-3 area scouting events per year;
  • Identify youth program and leadership development opportunities;
  • Organize wilderness and leadership type courses available to both youth and adult leaders;
  • Ensure the financial sustainability of the operations for the camp for both short and long term;
  • Ensure the OLSC facility operates in accordance with all of Scouts Canada program initiatives; and
  • Acquire Heritage Area, council and national community support and resources (leaders/youth) to keep the camp operational.

Measurable Objectives:

  1. Delivery of a Business Plan
  2. Delivery of a Projects list
  3. Delivery of a Implementation Plan(s)


The OLMC delivered a Business Plan to the Heritage Area in January 2014, following Area level acceptance the plan was provided to the Council Property Manager for comments 

Project Constraints

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