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2017-01-29 - Change in Cancellation Policy - Effective Immediately

posted Jan 29, 2017, 2:02 PM by Scout Camp Otter Lake QC SCVCHA   [ updated Jun 13, 2017, 9:39 AM ]
The following is the new Cancellation Policy, effective 29 January 2017.

3.6            Cancellation Policy

In the event of cancellation, camp fees will be refunded as follows:

a)       Full Refund will ONLY be given if:

    1. The cancellation is a minimum of Four (4) weeks plus one (1) day (29 days+) prior to the booked date, or
    2. A replacement booking of the site occurs for the date in question.

b)       If NO replacement booking of the site occurs and the Cancellation is within:

    1. Four (4) weeks (28 days) or less of the booked date, then a 75% Refund will be issued;
    2. One (1) week (7 days) or less of the booked date, then a 25% Refund will be issued.

This new policy was passed by the Camp Otter Lake QC Management Committee on the 29 January 2017.

The Previous version was only effective from four weeks prior to the booking date, and it allocated a full refund up until a week before the book date. And if cancelled the week of the booked date there was a 75% Refund. With the new policy, there is a full refund provided the camp site is book for the same date, or if provided more than 4 weeks notice. Also a refund of 75% is issued if the reservation is cancelled less than 4 weeks before the reservation date, but only a 25% refund if the cancellation is received a week or less from the booked date.

Note that the new policy is effective 29 January 2017. and will be sent to all groups who have already booked a site from this date forward.

Perry Schippers
Camp Otter Lake QC