Service Days

The Next Service Day is
Saturday 18 May 2019
With an Alternate Date of 08 June 2019
Scout Groups can Camp (Friday to Sunday) for the Weekend for
1) the cost of your firewood per night; and
2) $5/person to off-set the costs of the food for the Service Day*

Scout Camp Otter Lake QC Welcomes all Senior Sections (Scouts with Senior Cubs up to Rovers and Volunteers) to its Service Days.
And this year we are happy to welcome volunteers from the local community.

The normal Service Day starts at 0900 and finishes around 1630, with a sit-down dinner starting at 1800

As in the past, for the service day, Saturday 18 May, the camp provides drinks and snacks/fruits throughout the day, lunch, and a sit-down dinner. Breakfast is not provided. In order to off-set the cost of the food there is a fee of $5/person.

For All:
To see what we have accomplished in the past and what is planned for the upcoming Service Day please see the links below.

The camp's Service Weekends are a very positive event where we try to expose the youth to new things and challenges while we get the work done... Age appropriate of course and with proper supervision and safety pre-cautions. As such, it is not uncommon to find a group of youth using various power tools at different stations. For instance we have had Scouts and Venturers using things like the Log Splitters, Cut-Off or Mitre Saws, Skill Saws, Drills, and even Table saws... But only after receiving the necessary instructions on the tools' proper usage and related safety discussion!

The only limitation / restriction in place is that NO ONE is permitted to use a Chainsaw at the camp when youth are there - and even then, we need to have a copy of their provincial Chainsaw Use and Safety course certification.

Like last year we have an area or two where we need to have some smaller trees cut down. Where else do the youth get the chance to cut down trees in a safe controlled environment? Please note we are not taking about large trees, but trees are under 4"-5" in diameter and are approximately 25 feet plus tall. All felled trees will be used in someway, e.g. pioneering spars. So, if you are interested in doing this with your youth (Scouts & older), please bring with you hatchets or SMALL axes or Bow Saws. Before anyone gets to cut anything down there will be a meeting to discuss everything from how to properly fell a tree with the different tools, and a risks and safety discussion.

Anyone found not to be able to adhere to the rules established will have to leave the area.

For Scout Groups:
The fee for camping from Friday to Sunday is only the cost of firewood usage ($5/night/group fire). If you want to stay until Monday, there is only a head-count and firewood cost for the one day. Note the cabin is not available for use.

With respect to the Community Volunteers, they are being vetted for participation.

For the Community Volunteers:
In order to help off-set the cost of the food for the day there is a small fee of $5 / person if you are staying for the sit-down dinner, which we hope you will do. Please complete the registration form if you wish to help with the Scout Camp's Service Day. Once we receive your registration and review it, we will contact you to confirm you are clear to join us. <make sure your contact information on the registration form is correct!>

Please contact one of the following persons with any questions you may have:

 Desiree Tremblay (Warden)
 Perry Schippers (Chair)
 Alain Guy (Comms)

Service Day Registration Form

Service Day Tasks (Past and Up Coming)