Emergency Preparedness

DRAFT - In progress

The following information and sites provide information on what to do in the case of different types of emergencies.
  • Emergency Shelter(s): If in the event that there is a severe emergency and campers need an alternate location to move to, they should contact the Camp Warden who will make arrangements for them to use something like the Communities RA Center.
  • Medical Emergencies: xxx
  • Food and Water Safety: xxx
  • Downed / Dangerous Trees: xxx
  • Floods:
    While the camp's main areas are on top of hills, there is a section, the ravine area that is lower / closer to the lake's water level. The lake water level normally does not vary more than 4". So, the primary flood threat is more an issue of the ravine area being flooded, e.g. becoming a giant puddle. It should be noted that the soil in the camp is primarily sand based going down many feet, so there is excellent water drainage.
  • Electrical / Hydro Issues:
    Note that while the camp does not have electricity or electrical appliances, there are Hydro wires crossing the property.
    • Downed Power lines: xxx
    • Power Outages: xxx
  • Storms:
    • Severe Thunder and Lightening Storms: xxx
    • Wind Storms: xxx
    • Tornadoes: xxx