Camp Zones Descriptions and Maps

The Camp is broken down into five (5) zones - A thru E. See the Fee chart for the Rental Rates of the Camp Sites and Richardson Lodge Cabin.


  • Zone A: Is the upper Plateau where you enter the camp. Zone A is bound by Chemin Scout to the North, the Ravine to the South, the cabin road to the East, and the neighbor's driveway to the West. This zone contains:
    •  A Large Field surrounded by woods.
    • Two (2) camping sites located in the field:
      • Field - North Site 
      • Field - South Site
    • Kybos/Privies #1
      • Kybo #1 - West End of Field in woods
      • Kybo #2 - East side of Entrance Gate Area


Zone B Image

  • Zone B: Is from the top of the ravine by the field and extends to the water front. This Zone is has:
    • Four(4) Patrol size Camp Sites, located in the Ravine area near or on the waterfront. Each with a 8' picnic table, and a fire ring.
      • Jones Junction - Waterfront site
      • Old Well - Waterfront site
      • Swallow Roost - Waterfront site
      • Hodgins Hollow - located on the small hill between the D&D dinner and Jones Junction.
    • The D&D Dinning Shelter Site
    • The Richardson Cabin.
      • Wood Stove,
      • Propane Lamps
      • Kitchen with Propane Stove/Oven.
      • 21 Beds (majority in bunk formation), Room for upto 28 using floor and extra beds stored in Wood Shed.
    • Common Facilities
      • The Large Area Camp Fire Area in the Ravine: This fire site is suitable for large groups.
      • The Group / Section Size Camp Fire Area on the point by the beach. This fire site is suitable for Sections.
      • The Wood Shed. Contains:
        • Storage Cabinet
        • Firewood. Note that the firewood is available at a cost of $5/site/night. 
      • Two Kybos/Privies:
        • Kybo #2 located in the clearing by the Wood Shed This is an Accessible Kybo.
        • Kybo #3 located on the knoll between the Cabin, Jones Junction, and the beach
      • The Boat Put-in, beside the Jones Junction camp site. Note: to get to the Boat Put-in you take the road down into the ravine and turn right. Unfortunately you are not able to back a trailer into the water. Also it is recommended that only a vehicle with true 4x4 capability goes down this road.
      • Beach: Located on the shore of Lac Hughes, the beach is near the Group/Section Camp Fire area.
      • Dock: Located in front of Richardson Cabin.
      • Cedars Get Together: Area in front of the Cabin by the dock where people get together with a small fire.


  • Zone C: Is from the Chemin Scout (Access Road), and the Field to the Eastern boundary of the property and to the Lake front. This Zone contains three(3) Troop size sites on top of hill in the woods
    • Camp Sites:
      • Eagle 75: Located at the top of the hill on the right hand site.
      • Boulder Face: Locaated on the left side of the road just around the corner half way down the road.
      • Hid-In-Pines Teepee: Located at the end of the road, behind the pine trees.
    • Common Facilities:
      • Kybos/Privies #4 and #5: there are two Kybos located at the fork in the road after the Boulder Face Site and before the Teepee site.


Aone D Image

  • Zone D: Is located to the North of Chemin Scout (access Road). This is an area where no formal sites are developed. The intention of this area is to allow the teaching of survival techniques, e.g. shelters, snare use, etc. Note that if demonstrating snares or other such techniques it is important that all of them are picked up and taken with you.
    • Camp Sites:
      • The Wilderness Camping Area has Unlimited sites in the woods

Zone E

Zone E Image

  • Zone E: Is located in the area bound by the Chemin Scout and the neighbour's access road which cuts diagonally through the west end of the Scout Property.


  • Parking - Zone A - Field Area: 10 spots on site and 4 spots during winter inside gate (200 m to cabin)
  • Parking - Zone D - Wilderness Area: 8 spots on site and


  • Water: No potable water is available at camp! Either bring your own from home or Potable water is available 24 / 7 outside the town municipal office at 15 Palmer Ave. (Palmer runs west off of #301 immediately south of Picanoc Road.) The water spigot/tap is located on the North West corner of the building.


  • Firewood:  Firewood is available at a cost of $5 per site per night. Or you can use the dead fall.