Rent the cabin or a site

Camp Otter Lake QC is available for rent to both members / groups of Scouts Canada, as well as to other organizations.
The camp is rented out on a site/facility basis, e.g. the Cabin or one of the many camp sites available. Each site and facility is rented based on the per night rate.
Day use of the camp is negotiable with the Camp Warden.

If interested in renting the entire camp please contact either the Camp Chair and Warden by email

To rent the facility and or camp sites please do the following:
  1. Check the embedded Calendar below for available dates;

  2. Check the Camp Map to identify the site(s) or facility you wish to rent; <scroll down to map>

  3. Review the Conditions of Rental to ensure you comply with the requirements;

  4. Complete the Camp Otter Lake QC Reservation Request form - ONLINE FORM. For Booking assistance contact Scouter  Desiree Tremblay at 819-209-7626 (c), desireetremblay [at]

    1. 2018-2019 Online Camp Otter Lake QC Reservation Request Form

    2. 2019-2020 Online Camp Otter Lake QC Reservation Request Form

  5. Extended Stays more than 4 Nights: If you plan to stay longer than four 4 nights please contact the Booking Officer to discuss the rate for extended stays, Desiree Tremblay at 819-209-7626 (c), desireetremblay [at]

  6. Firewood: There is a general fee of $5 per night per site for firewood use at the site. Please purchase extra firewood for each day/night you plan to have a general group fire.
    Note: Firewood fee for 2019-2020 has increased to $5.50 per night per site.

  7. Badges/Crests: Camp Otter Lake QC Crests are available at $3 each. Please remember to identify the number of crests you want on the request form.
    Perry Schippers
    Chair, Camp Committee
    Camp Otter Lake QC
    (cell) 613-612-1199

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