Scout Camp Otter Lake QC

61st/ieme Anniversary
Camp Otter Lake QC

Animals Everywhere! 
Just a reminder that as with almost any of Scouts Canada's Camp properties we are located in the wilderness and there is an abundance of wildlife. At the camp it is possible you may either see an animal, a track, or other indication of them. Heck you may even hear them... there is nothing like listening to the Hoot or screech of an Owl early in the evening or morning. At Scout Camp Otter Lake QC, as indicated there is an abundance of animals. If the opportunity presents itself do not hesitate to take a picture - But remember to stay back and just observe. If the animal comes toward you, carefully move backwards or away. On the property there is a small herd of Deer - if your lucky you may see them in the field at some time. In addition to the other routine animals (raccoons, skunks, squirrels, etc,) , there is a variety of birds including Hawks, and even a Bald Eagle. Recently there has also been some Black Bears in the general vicinity - they appear to be roaming around looking for food - so even though no bears have actually been seen at the camp, please be a smart campers and make sure all of your food and garbage is properly stored. Also. PLEASE do not bring any enticements for the animals, e.g. salt blocks, apples, etc.  Thank you!

Camp Management:
  • Camp Warden / Booking Officer - Desiree Tremblay: 819-209-7626 (c), desireetremblay [at]
  • Camp Committee Chair - Perry Schippers: 613-612-1199 (c) ScouterPerry01 [at]
  • General Email:

Rental Reservation Forms: There is a new Reservation Form for the 2018/2019 Scouting year.
  1. 2018/2019 Rental Form is available at:
Games and Equipment Rental / Use Reservation
The camp has numerous camp equipment and game available for use (free) and some of the equipment is rentable. Please check the Equipment and Games Reservation form for what is available.

Canoes, a Paddle boat, and a Sailboat
The camp now has 10 canoes available, one sailboat, and one paddle boat. Paddles, and Marine Safety kit included with rentals, BUT Group must provide their own Personal Flotation Devices (PDF)/Life jackets for all participants.
Check the Watercraft Rental Form for details.

NOTICE: BEARS ARE IN THE AREA! At least one black bear was seen on Pickanock Road by Scout Road. Please exercise appropriate precautions when at the Camp. There has been no reports about trouble with any bears - they are just being seen! They were seen as recently as September 2 a few miles further down the road, but were also seen the previous week in another location further in the town of Otter Lake, and it was reported that there was at least one bear cub with the mother bear.
Please See Bear Precautions page.

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  • Animals Everywhere! Yaa! Just a reminder that as with almost any of Scouts Canada's Camp properties we are located in the wilderness and there is an abundance of wildlife. At the camp ...
    Posted Sep 19, 2018, 10:04 AM by Scout Camp Otter Lake QC SCVCHA
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Richardson Cabin (B1)
and the Wood Shed
No Electricity!
Propane Stove and Lighting

View of of the back of Richardson Cabin from the Ravine in the summer

Camp Otter Lake QC

  • Location - on Hughes Lake near the community of Otter Lake,PQ (120 km west-north-west of Aylmer). Google Map Location   GPS Coordinates for the front gate: N45:51:34, W076:26:13
  • Driving Time - 90 minutes from Gatineau/Ottawa
  • Terrain - Ample lakefront with dock, hardwood forest on rolling hills, and hilly steep banks to lake 
  • Safety Concerns - Lake and forest fire
  • Phone - Public phone at corner store (Hwy 301 / Picanoc) Cell phone reception in some areas.
  • Emergency Medical - Shawville Hospital (38 km) Wheelchair Access
  • Special Considerations - Propane is not supplied for cook stove & propane lighting in cabin. Bring what you need!
  • Cost - Individual camp sites are priced at very attractive rates of between $15/night and $35/night and accommodate from a patrol group through to a section. The cabin is priced at $50/night. See the rate table for more details.
Facilities & Camp Sites
The Camp is broken down into five (5) zones - A thru E. Structured Camp sites are located in Zones B, C, and D.  
  • Zone A contains a large field which is a common area for all users. Camping is permitted in the field at the back of the field on either or both sides (North/South) (A1-A2). There is a Kybo in the woods at the back of the field, and one located to the east of the main gate.
  • Zone B has camp sites primarily designed for Patrol sized groups (B2-B6), it also has the Richardson Cabin (B1), the Wood Shed, the dock, the beach, two(2) Formal Camp Fire Areas, and two(2) kybos.
    • Note:
      • While Richardson Cabin (R1) is in Zone B it is not included in the rental of all of Zone B (B7)
      • Richardson Cabin does NOT have electricity. It is Propane Lighting and stove, and heated by a wood stove.
  • Zone C has three(3) section size camps (C1-C3), and two (2) kybos.
  • Zone D has three(3) pack or patrol size camp sites intended to be used as a base camp and allow youth to build wilderness shelters in the surrounding forest. The area is intended for developing survival skills (D1-D3).
  • Zone E is an unused area bound by the entrance road and the neighbor's lane way which cuts thru the camp property.
See the Camp Zones Description page for more detailed information and Sites and Facilities Descriptions page for detailed information on the Camp Sites and the Cabin.

This looks great! 
Make a reservation!

Program Opportunities 
  • Hiking/Orienteering - many opportunities
  • Water Activities - swimming, wading, fishing (sandy beach adjacent) and canoe tripping
  • Winter Camping - ideal for novice to expert
  • Wide Area Games: 
    • Large open field in Zone A
    • Lots of forested area for games, recommend Zone D.
  • Program Themes - forestry (wide variety of native trees and shrubs)
  • Nearby Opportunities - rock climbing

Directions to Camp

From Aylmer take Hwy. #148 to Shawville (approximately 74 km). Turn north on Hwy. #303 to Otter Lake (37 km). In the village of Otter Lake, make a sharp right turn at the first stop sign (post office on left and corner store on the right). Proceed to the small cement block Baptist church on right (3/4 km). Take the left fork onto Picanoc Rd. until your reach Scout Rd. on the left side and turn here (less than 1 km). The camp entrance is at the first wooden gate on the left at the scout sign. Please note that there is also an alternate route to Otter Lake from the northeast via Kazabazua (north on Hwy. #105 from Hull to Kazabazua and then turn left on Hwy. #301). 

Camp Fires
There is just something about a camp fire that brings a camp to the next level. The camp committee supports the need to teach youth how to build a fire, but we require all users to adhere to the provincial direction on when it is safe to have a camp fire. Please check the SOPFEU website for the Fire Hazard Level. Note you will need to enter "Otter Lake, QC" as the city.

Camp Site Fire locations: Each camping site has a fire pit or ring.

Formal Camp Fires: The camp has two(2) Camp fire locations for formal camp fires:
  • Beach Point Camp Fire Site: located between the beach and Jones Junction camp site. Seats 25+
  • Ravine Camp Fire Site: Located behind the cabin in the Ravine. Seats 40+
There is a mandatory fee for firewood of $5 per rental site per night. You are free to use any of the dead fall for your campfires or additional firewood for $5 per site per night you can use the pre-cut firewood in the Wood Shed or found stacked around the camp. Note the wood stacked around the camp is usually there to dry so please make sure the wood is dry prior to use. Also the wood stacked around the camp is NOT for use in the Cabin's wood stove!

Water - Potable
There is no potable water available on site at the camp, but 1.2 km away at the Otter Lake Municipal building there is a spigot/tap where users can get potable water year round.

All garbage is to be taken with you. There is a garbage dump approx x km for the camp where you can drop the garbage off - Advise the attendant that you are with the Scout Camp in Otter Lake.

Cubs resting by the council fire, set and ready for the evening fire. Beautiful Hughes Lake in the background makes this council fire one of the best in Heritage Area.

Camp Rental/Reservation Process
The Camp is available for rent to members of Scouts Canada as well as Third Party Organizations. For direction on how to rent a Site, the Cabin, or the camp, please follow the direction provided on the Camp Otter Lake QC Rentals web page. For Rental Rates please refer to the Camp Sites Descriptions and Rates webpage.

Camp Otter Lake Reservations Calendar
To verify if a desired date is available please consult the Camp Rental Schedule. Be sure to check specifically for the site(s) you wish to rent. Note: you can also check the Camp Otter Lake QC Calendar.

Camp Reservation Form
To reserve your time at camp please use the online reservation form available at:


If you have any questions please contact one of the following persons:

  • Warden/Camp Chair -   Perry Schippers, 613-612-1199 (c), scouterperry01 [at]
  • Warden (Onsite) -       Desiree Tremblay, 809-209-7626 (c), desireetremblay [at]
  • Camp Booking Officer - Desire  Tremblay, 819-209-7626 (c), desireetremblay [at]
Camp Management
Scout Camp Otter Lake QC is managed by the Camp's Management Committee. Please check out the committee and what it is up to.

Camp Otter Lake QC Crest

Camp Crest
The Camp Otter Lake QC Crest is available either by ordering the quantity desired when placing your Camp Reservation Request, or through one of the contact persons listed above. The crests cost $3 each.

Standing Orders and Rules - We do not have many rules but we do have a few, so please see Rental Rules and Standing Orders

You can also checkout the following for information on Camp Otter Lake QC:

When it comes to using cellular phones with (613) area code it will automatically be transfer to the 911 services in Ontario, if you are reporting an emergency in the province of Quebec with you cellular phone, please call 819-310 4141 or * 4141.